Atac, the rented drivers arrive. Wrath of the trade unions

Atac, the rented drivers arrive. Wrath of the trade unions
Atac, the rented drivers arrive. Wrath of the trade unions

Attack no longer assumes. Or rather, it will no longer hire from the rankings but will use temporary agencies for the next two years. This means green light for workers, especially drivers, taken without a direct contract with the public transport company.

This is a provision, signed by the general manager Franco Giampaoletti, which will serve, according to the latter’s declaration, to “realize the flexibility of work” e “cope with extraordinary organizational / production needs that cannot be met with the staff on duty“. In short, In order to improve the surface service, which for years now between missed races and delays has been absolutely inefficient, it has published a call for tenders for an agreement for the temporary administration of operating operators. Immediate reaction of the labor unions who have declared their opposition to this scenario.

Concretely, Atac’s intention is to create a basin of drivers that are called according to the need. In fact, getting rid of the costs involved in having a direct employment relationship.

The agreement

The drivers, even when they are on duty, it is well specified in the announcement, will not be directly employed by Atac. The latter will only pay the fees provided to the temporary agency based on how many hours the driver has worked. The salary treatment it is that provided for by the current national employment contract and second-level bargaining plus a premium of 5%.

The agreement will last 24 months and the maximum number of working hours to be administered is 146,250. The temporary agency that succeeds in winning the contract must be able to provide 150 drivers daily.

The company made these decisions because, they explain to Il Tempo, the pool of temporary workers serves to avoid being caught unprepared in case of sudden need. For example as happened during the G20 when the subways were closed for safety reasons and used instead of replacement shuttles. Despite the fact that the G20 was an extraordinary event, the shuttles in the capital serve daily since there are numerous stops of the A and B metro still closed despite the works, in most of these, have been started for months. All the more reason the drivers become indispensable if the new service contract of Rome capital will provide for an increase in the kilometers to be traveled.

The trade unions

The position of the trade unions is firmly opposed. Already last July, 200 drivers and workers had protested under the Capitol asking for certainties. The, now former, mayor Rays on that occasion he had tried to calm the precarious by ensuring that another 120 new drivers would be hired. A promise that has never been reflected in reality. And that today, for the unions, seems to be even worse than they expected.

Roberto Ricci, head of the mobility department of Fit Cisl Lazio he claims: “It has never been talked about, and this did not seem to be the direction that the Government, the Region and the Municipality wanted to take after the outbreak of the Covid emergency“. And he adds:”Here we are not even precarious but to an “under precariat” that sucks, if you think that these drivers remain employed by the temporary agency and therefore will never be hired by Atac. If there are more kilometers to do – Ricci always continues – for the service contract, non-temporary workers hired on a permanent basis are used“Very critical also with regard to the question extraordinary events since he thinks Atac has it “always done with his workforce without ever having been a problem“He then wonders why, despite the existence of a ranking of 300 drivers, the company has no intention of drawing on that.

Even harder Claudio De Francesco, trade unionist Uiltrasporti: “There is never an end to the worst this is absurd, a trick of the company to have low-cost workers“.

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