LIVE COVID-19 – New variant in South Africa. 13,764 new infections. GIMBE: “Net delay on third dose”. Outdoor masks until 12/31 in Milan

The Civil Protection has disclosed the data relating to 25 November 2021. They have been carried out 649.998 swabs and identified 13.764 new COVID-19 positives. On the last day they died 71 people with Coronavirus. As usual, provides you with the latest LIVE news about the Coronavirus situation.

19:47 – New variant found in South Africa. This is the variant called B.1.1.529, already under observation by the World Health Organization (WHO), which, however, currently classifies it among the mutations to be monitored. Little laboratory data is still available, but confirmation of the presence of the virus variant also came from the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), a division of the South African National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS)

18:45 – The Morocco extends the state of health emergency until 31 December and closes the airspace to flights to and from France starting at 11.59 pm on Friday 26 November and until further notice. The decision comes from the international committee that manages the COVID emergency, “to preserve Morocco from the worsening of the pandemic in some European countries”, reads the statement.

18:09 – In Great Britain Covid cases continue to grow: in the last 24 hours, 47,240 cases have been registered, an increase compared to 43,676 the previous day. There were 147 deaths, practically the same number as yesterday (149). The weekly rate of infections also increased, up by 9.5% over the previous period, while the mortality rate decreased by 14.8%.

17:27 – In today’s bulletin, there are 13,764 new cases and 71 deaths, with a positive rate of 2.1%. The swabs made are 649,998. The number of hospitalized patients increased by 15 units in intensive care, by 60 in the ordinary wards

16:49 – The curve of flu-like syndromes in Italy continues to grow with an incidence level equal to 4.8 cases per thousand assisted in the 46th week of 2021. Most of the reported cases are attributable to other respiratory viruses other than influenza. This is what the Influnet bulletin of the Higher Institute of Health reports on influenza. In the forty-sixth week of 2021, it is explained, the estimated cases of flu-like syndrome, compared to the entire Italian population, are about 283,000, for a total of about 1,080,000 cases since the start of surveillance.

16:28 – In Sardinia register today 164 new Covid cases, based on 2,495 people tested. Patients admitted to intensive care units remain 13 while those in the medical area increase: they are 47 (4 more than yesterday). The number of people in home isolation is also growing: 2,459 (73 more), but there are no deaths.

16:04 – There are 902 classes in quarantine in schools in Lombardy as of November 21, with 15,305 pupils and 1,150 workers placed in isolation as positive “case contacts”. The figures have almost tripled compared to the last monitoring of November 7 when the quarantined classes were 370, equal to 6,681 pupils.

15:40 – The programmatic assembly of the League, scheduled for 11 and 12 December, is postponed to guarantee all invited people the opportunity to participate. “It is a choice of respect, especially for militants and local administrators, in the light of government decisions”. League sources report it.

15:18 – “We need to get more people to get vaccinated” against Covid-19, given that “a quarter of EU adults are not yet fully vaccinated. Without vaccination, there is a greater risk of developing severe symptoms of Covid-19. vaccination protects you and protects others “. The president of the European Commission says so Ursula von der Leyen.

14:49 – The Technical Scientific Commission (Cts) of the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa), according to what is learned, was convened next week, from 1 to 3 December, with the evaluation of the ruling of the European Medicines Agency (Ema) on anti-Covid vaccination for the pediatric age group 5-11 years.

14:28 – Based on the data relating to the progress of the pandemic, Friuli Venezia Giulia should move into the yellow zone from Monday 29 November. According to what is learned, work is underway on the possibility of bringing forward the new squeeze introduced with the “super” Green pass by a week, in order to immediately adopt homogeneous measures to those that will come into force on 6 December and avoid the restrictions envisaged for yellow zone until today.

13:58 – The recommendation on travel within the EU presented by the Commissioner, Didier Reynders, proposes an approach more centered on the personal situation of the traveler than the current method, based on updated maps by the European Agency for Disease Control and Prevention ( Ecdc). “A person in possession of a valid Covid green pass should in principle not be subject to further restrictions, such as testing or quarantine, regardless of the place of departure in the EU,” explained Reynders, but travel to and from should be discouraged. for the “dark red” areas.

13:30 – There is no more no region in green in Europe, in the new map of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Ecdc). In Italy, most of the regions are in yellow. But the Province of Bolzano is in dark red and the Province of Trento, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, Val d’Aosta, Liguria, Marche and Lazio are in red. In the rest of Europe, the highest incidence of infections compared to the population is recorded in Central Eastern Europe, in the Benelux countries in the Baltic ones and in Ireland, all in dark red. Spain, France, Sweden and Portugal are
mostly in red.

13:00 – The EU will recommend limiting the validity of anti-Covid certificates (green pass) to nine months, according to what is learned in Brussels. The announcement is expected today.

12:30 – In the last week, the first doses of vaccine administered remained stable at 127,000, “a number which, although small, demonstrates that there is still the possibility of convincing the undecided”. Instead, supplies of vaccines resume. While the administration of boosters is slightly increasing but in “net delay”: “To cover the people called to take the third dose by December 31, or 22.6 million, the pace would have to rise to 600,000 doses per day.“This is what emerges from the new independent monitoring of the Foundation GIMBE.

12:00 – The mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, is ready to sign the ordinance that prescribes the obligation of outdoor masks for the Christmas period in the city center. “The ordinance is ready, and I will sign it now when I return to the Municipality, it will be valid from midnight on Friday until December 31 and will cover the entire axis from the Castle to San Babila”, he explained on the sidelines of an event for the day international against violence against women in the registry office.

11:30 – The new Covid-19 infections in Puglia are increasing, but compared to the national average the increase is contained. According to the weekly report of the Gimbe foundation, in the week from 17 to 23 November the infections increased by 6.1% compared to seven days earlier, the national average is equal to 27%. As for the currently positive cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, at the moment they amount to 100. Below the saturation threshold the beds occupied by Covid-19 patients both in the Medical area, 6% against the limit of 15%, and in intensive care 4 % versus 10%.

11:00 – From today it is in effect in Slovakia a lockdown which will last two weeks, as reported by Sky TG24.

10.50Pierpaolo Sileri, Undersecretary of Health, spoke to the microphones of the broadcast Italy is waking up, its Radio Cusano Campus: “The Green pass strategy has been successful, today it is further strengthened, restricting some actions and the duration. This will safely ferry us through this fourth wave”.

10:45 – In France the third dose of the vaccine will be given to all French people who are over 18 years old after 5 months from the second dose.

10:00 – The Super Green pass, effective from 6 December, only for the vaccinated and recovered, is extended to many areas with new restrictions. Mandatory for restaurants, bars, gyms and clubs. The basic Green pass, on the other hand, which can also be obtained by means of a swab, will be mandatory for hotels and local public transport.

9:50 – In Germany over 100,000 victims since the beginning of the pandemic. 351 deaths in the past 24 hours, according to data from the Robert Koch Institute. Infections hit a record high and ICUs fill up.

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