Anti-violence and anti-stalking number 1522 in the offices of the registry office in Milan

Information posters to advertise the free telephone number 1522, anti-violence and anti-stalking, in all the registry offices of the Municipality of Milan, on the occasion of the day against violence against women. The initiative was presented on Thursday 25 November at the registry office in via Larga by the mayor Beppe Sala and by the councilor for civic services Gaia Romani. “We wanted to have information on 1522 in the houses of the Municipality that you can always call for free, every day, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day”, commented Romani, adding that “the number is needed, then it is important for everyone to use it: those directly involved, but also those who have signs, sensations of risk “.

In twelve months, 109 women were victims of femicide. The posters on 1522 will remain permanently in all thirteen registry delegations of the city. “Milan – added Sala – wants to be more and more a city that responds to the needs of women. The numbers of gender-based violence are dramatic and require us to keep our guard up: none of us can or should be an inert and silent witness. This is why alongside the work we have done, and will continue to do, to prevent the phenomenon and build personalized paths of liberation from the spiral of violence, with the Milano Donna centers, the anti-violence network and the shelters, we want our public offices are places where you can find useful information to ask for help if you are in difficulty “.

“The lack of information – continued Romani – can represent an obstacle to asking for help. Visiting all the registry delegations I found that there were indications of any kind: from the payment methods of the Tari to how to make separate collection, but none on the anti-violence and anti-stalking number 1522. Not all women know this service and for this reason I wanted to promote an information and awareness campaign that, beyond the single day, will not only remain over time but will be replicated in other public offices, in order to make it as widespread as possible “.

And again on Thursday 25 November, in front of Palazzo Marino, the president of the equal opportunities commission in the city council, Diana De Marchi, together with the councilors and councilor, the president of the city council Elena Buscemi and some councilors and advisers, read the long and painful list with the names of over 100 women killed in the past twelve months.


Antiviolence antistalking number offices registry office Milan

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