In hands-free: reading Franco Quadri, sound and performative format

Milano – Monday 29 November 2021, at 20.30, al Small Grassi Theater the event takes place in Milan In hands-free: read Franco Quadri curated by Ateliersi, Ubu Association for Franco Quadri and Piccolo Teatro of Milan 10 years after the death of the great Milanese theatrical critic and publisher.

Milano – From a memory of Fiorenza Menni, theater actress, passionate reader of Franco Quadri’s reviews, the idea of ​​a sound and performative format that gives voice to the writings of one of the greatest theatrical critics of the twentieth century and to its uniqueness, following the movements of a pen capable of producing vision. From a place in the front rows of audiences all over the world he produces magnetic traces of the scenic art of about six decades, activating the reader’s imagination thanks to a tactile gaze and a telluric feeling. This reading – more focused on Italian theater – holds in the same embrace distinct theatrical universes that compose that transversal breath which has made Quadri an absolute reference. It is a core in the history of the theater. A stimulus to passion.

Milano – The meticulous editing creates a very dense and vital image of the Italian theatrical community – with thrusts and excursions that cross the actor’s sphere such as that of the repertoire, the interventions of cultural politics and the frescoes of a season, creating traces that go, between the many others, from Salvo Randone to Raffaello Sanzio, from Leo and Perla to Mariangela Melato, from Luca Ronconi to Pippo Delbono, from Alessandro Bergonzoni to Mario Martone, from Peter Stein to Magazzini, from Carlo Cecchi to the Compagnia della Fortezza at the Teatro delle Albe , passing through so-called Groups 90 and finally, invariably including the public as well.

Ideation and preparation for reading Fiorenza Menni; sound bed by Vincenzo Scorza and Fiorenza Menni; read Monica Mihaela Buzoianu, Francesco Maruccia, Alberto Pirazzini, Beatrice Verzotti. Free admission with reservations required, for info 02 21126116.

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