Ncc with false licenses, 15 cars seized in Milan – Lombardy

Ncc with false licenses, 15 cars seized in Milan – Lombardy
Ncc with false licenses, 15 cars seized in Milan – Lombardy

The investigation of the local police, three suspects

(ANSA) – MILAN, 25 NOV – The agents of the local police of Milan have seized 15 cars with which the rental service with driver (NCC) was carried out, using false licenses.

The investigation carried out by the ‘Freccia 1’ Unit, which deals with taxis and public cars, coordinated by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, traced back to three managers of rental companies now accused of forgery for having produced and used bogus documents for have vehicle registration authorizations.

“The investigation of the local police has made it possible to stop a round of false licenses – declares Marco Granelli councilor for safety -. We want to protect those who work correctly, even more so when it comes to a public service such as taxis and rental cars. “.

The investigations had begun in January of this year thanks to a report, and continued until November, due to events that occurred starting from 2018 and interrupted at the beginning of the pandemic, when it was no longer so economically interesting to perform services of car rental.

With false authorizations in hand, apparently issued by some municipalities in the province of Milan, the managers of the rental companies obtained a regular registration from the Civil Motorization. The vehicles circulated with a badge and identification insignia, apparently identical to those of the regularly authorized vehicles, and also had the permits for the reserved lanes in the LTZ. companies that have electronic applications for vehicle rental. It also analyzed the documents of the civil motorization of Milan and the municipalities. Then the searches were started, even in a shed used as a garage for vehicles. (HANDLE).


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Ncc false licenses cars seized Milan Lombardy

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