“Winning strategy, it will take us safely into the fourth wave”

“Winning strategy, it will take us safely into the fourth wave”
“Winning strategy, it will take us safely into the fourth wave”

“The Green pass strategy has been successful, today it is further strengthened, restricting some actions and the duration. This will safely ferry us through this fourth wave”. This was underlined by Pierpaolo Sileri, Undersecretary of Health, to the microphones of the broadcast “Italy has awakened” on Radio Cusano Campus, commenting on the decree with the tightening of anti-Covid measures, approved yesterday in the CDM, and recalling that “the vaccination obligation extended to other categories further puts the population in safety “. “At this moment – he explains – the obligation to vaccinate is absolutely useless, except for the categories for which it has already been decided. Each wave corresponds to our reaction and this time, despite the wave, we are not closing and we are moving forward with confidence “.

“Having the vaccine – reiterates Sileri – gives you greater protection. Beyond what many people with outlandish theories say, if you are vaccinated you have a 50-60% less chance of catching the virus and transmitting it. And 9 times out of 10 those who get the virus when vaccinated do not end up in hospital. It is quite evident that it is much more advantageous to do these activities only among vaccinated than between vaccinated and swab “.

As for the super green pass, “we need to reshape our strategies based on the behavior of the virus and the waves, with the novelty of non-closure. Today we are circulating, we have shops and restaurants open despite the infections are rising “.” It is not true, as some say, that the green pass has not had the desired effect – notes Sileri – The green pass has been approved at European level on July 1, from August onwards we have extended its use several times. The purpose of the green pass was to secure the country in two ways: to push vaccination and to increase diagnostics. We have reached higher levels of vaccination and the diagnostics has increased allowing us to identify the positives and the related outbreaks earlier. We arrived at the beginning of the fourth wave – he remarks – much better prepared than in other countries. The green pass therefore not only worked, but it worked very, very well and allows us today not to have to close “.

On the vaccine for children aged 5 to 11 years of age “we await the approval of the EMA. Immediately afterwards there will be the availability of the vaccine, I stress availability. To say that children can be vaccinated to limit the spread of the virus I think is a bit simplistic. Vaccination in the age group pediatrics must be done primarily to protect themselves “. This was stated by Pierpaolo Sileri, Undersecretary of Health, to the microphones of the program “Italy has awakened” on Radio Cusano Campus. “Validated scientific works show that long Covid is also present in the pediatric range, even in those who have had the infection asymptomatically”, Sileri recalls.


Winning strategy safely fourth wave

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