Belen: Did Antonino betray her? The indiscretion

What really happened between Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese? According to the latest rumors about the couple’s crisis, it seems that another woman has emerged who would have sparked the jealousy of the Argentine showgirl. Could there be another woman at the basis of the break between the two?

Check another background important in the crisis between Belen Rodriguez e Antonino Spinalbese. Although the two have never spoken openly about what happened between them, everyone knows that the former hair-stylist left the Milan apartment where he was living with the showgirl and returned to his family in La Spezia.

Initially, when the news came out, the reason for the distance between Belen e Antonino it seemed to be attributable to the birth of the little girl Luna Marì. In fact, in the first months as new parents, it seemed that something had broken between showgirl and her partner, who decided to have a child only three months after their relationship began.

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Now, however, according to what was revealed by DiPiù TV, an important backstory emerges.

Belen: has she been betrayed?

At the base of the dispute between Belen Rodriguez e Antonino Spinalbese there might be another woman. According to new rumors about the crisis of the couple, in fact, there would be one mysterious girl that would make the ex hair stylist’s heart beat faster. Of course, nothing is known about his identity yet, but there are some clues to his profession.

It seems, in fact, that Antonino he met her in the professional context, as this girl would work in the entertainment world. This is not, however, a character from the world of entertainment, but a person who works behind the fifth: could therefore also be a colleague of Antonino Spinalbese!

The discovery of this sympathy (which it is not known if it turned into something more, a flirtation or even a betrayal) would have sent on a rampage Belen Rodriguez, that she would not be able to to forgive the partner. This is where the crisis that for a few weeks has overwhelmed one of the most followed couples on social media in Italy, and beyond, would have arisen.

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