the world in the hands of this man – Libero Quotidiano

the world in the hands of this man – Libero Quotidiano
the world in the hands of this man – Libero Quotidiano

New embarrassing public fool for Joe Biden. After the nap in worldview at the CoP26 of Glasgow and the further disaster of fifth “prolonged and noisy” issued in the presence of the British premier Boris Johnson, the heir to the prince throne Charles of England and his wife Camilla Parker Bowles in a reserved face to face, the American president tripped … on the hunchback.

To account for it, American and British sites, including he Sun, who share the video of the Head of the White House speaking from the institutional stage. The topic is of national significance, as Biden is talking about rising gas prices and the supply chain crisis. “And, by the way – underlined the president -, you may have heard yesterday the Walmart CEO on the steps we have taken. He said and I quote: ‘The combination of private business and government working together has been very successful.’ “

“End of listing”. Joe Biden’s public gaffe: watch the video

“Throughout the supply chain, there is a lot of innovation – continued the Democratic leader -. Because of the actions we have taken, things have begun to change.” End quote “. And on these last words,” end of quote “, the journalists present and the social media users who began to comment on the incident were literally stunned.” End quote “is the formula used by spin doctor and come on ghostwriter presidential speeches to indicate the end of a quotation to the speaker. Biden didn’t have the readiness, or just the attention, to read those words without saying them aloud.

As reported by the New York Post, mocking him, according to many Biden users recalls Ron Burgundy, the disastrous and clumsy anchorman played in the cinema by the comedian Will Ferrell. But this, unfortunately, is the reality. And more and more Americans are wondering how long the country will be able to put up with a president who is inadequate in his words and gestures, but first of all in his policies.

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