WhatsApp, how to view the photos received anonymously: what a trick

Check a trick on WhatsApp to view the photos received anonymously. Let’s see how it will be possible to apply the new trick for users.

New Cheat Protects Anonymity on Messaging Application (Via Screenshot)

Among the least loved tools of WhatsApp we find the blue spikes. In fact, the two ticks will then confirm the reading of the message by the user we are talking to. For this reason, maintaining anonymity on the messaging application is really difficult. The are different, however tricks discovered by users to protect privacy even within the app. In fact there is a system for see a photo that was sent to you in chat without the other person knowing.

As for Android smartphones, just go to the folder ‘Download‘present in the galleria, then you will be able to see the photo without entering the messaging application. It will also be possible to go to the Settings and then subsequently you will have to click on ‘Archiving‘and finally on’File‘. Here you will be able to view the photos received on the application. This system will then allow you to view all multimedia files without the other user knowing.

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WhatsApp, voice messages change: the news with the new update

The new tool coming to WhatsApp (via screenshot)

A new tool coming up WhatsApp it frees us from all the voice messages we receive. In fact, it often happens that we can’t listen to an audio sent by a friend or family member, so the instant messaging giant is trying to help all users. The developers are working on a tool that allows transcribe the received voice messages.

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Furthermore, this novelty should be introduced first for all devices iOS, as revealed by the specialized site WABetaInfo. Meanwhile, important news on the optimization of the function are emerging from the team of developers. In fact, scrolling through the timeline the phrase pronounced at that specific moment will be highlighted in the voice message, with the relative time indicated alongside. These messages can also be forwarded and are protected by secure end-to-end encryption.

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