No green pass in Milan, the creator of the parades searched and investigated for criminal association: he is 19 years old –

No green pass in Milan, the creator of the parades searched and investigated for criminal association: he is 19 years old –
No green pass in Milan, the creator of the parades searched and investigated for criminal association: he is 19 years old –
from Milan editorial office

Milan, the 19-year-old Gabriele «Zeno» Molgora is the administrator of the Telegram chat: «He is the reference point for No vax». Already subjected to Daspo, he no longer participated in the demonstrations. Checks on a thousand green passes distributed on the Internet. Seized a hatchet and a “survivor” knife in a backpack with a survival kit and brass knuckles

His name is Gabriele Molgora. Nickname (or battle name): «Zeno». He is 19 years old, the port of arms for sporting use, weapons, knives and brass knuckles. Behind the Milanese No green pass galaxy there would be him, theadministrator of the Telegram chats of the “rebels” with 32,000 subscribers. A “virtual” director who intoxicated the Internet. The police searched the young man and investigated it for instigation to commit a crime aggravated by the electronic means on the orders of the anti-terrorism prosecutor Alberto Nobili. Through social networks «Zeno» had become the «reference point for No vax“. He conceived and launched for the first time the procession from Piazza Fontana on Saturday afternoon. In recent weeks, faced with the difficulties of the movement (in crisis of numbers and surrounded by the police), has relaunched with the proposal of a national demonstration in Milan and a second European one in Switzerland. On New Year’s Eve. The New Year’s bang.

Who is the creator of the No green pass parades

Molgora, already denounced for having taken part in unannounced and therefore unauthorized No green pass initiatives, has been submitted by the Commissioner to the Urban daspo e he no longer participated in the Saturday demonstrations. “His figure – explains the police – has from the beginning assumed strategic importance in the protest campaign against the containment measures of the pandemic as administrator of the Telegram chat “No Green-pass! Now stop! Italian movement “ and the Facebook group “No Green Pass Now Enough !! Part 2 “, to which 32 thousand users are registered ». Through a “malicious and deceptive use of social networks”, Molgora had become «a fundamental point of reference for No vax, conceiving e launching the procession from Piazza Fontana for the first time “.

Information poisoning on the Internet

The tam tam No vax came from him. A «Pounding media campaign», Explains the police headquarters,« continued through motivational messages aimed at keeping the Saturday protest alive (as known, never forewarned) “with the aim of” promoting, organizing and advertising new moments of aggregation “. See the clones of the garrison on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday evening in Piazza Fontana. In particular, on the evening of November 20, also to “counteract a negative sentiment that emerged from social media on the inability of demonstrators to start the march”, “Zeno” has promoted a national mobilization for in Piazza Duomo for Saturday 27 November, «Surreptitiously pointing out that a million people would have taken part ed urging participants to carry and light stadium torches. Thereby creating a situation of informational intoxication and disorienting the demonstrators themselves, sometimes perhaps not aware that they are following the indications of an organizer malicious and virtual».

From Milan to Geneva

Tuesday 23 November the 19-year-old has spread some posts in which he has begun to promote an international event, again against the obligation of a health passport, to be held in Geneva (Switzerland) on December 31st. During an initial analysis of the telephone used by the “director of the marches”, it emerged that Molgora sent, through the Telegram chats, files containing 1,000 green passes, “illegal” health certificates, on which “investigations are underway to trace their origin”. The boy admitted to having downloaded them from the Net and “Distributed free of charge to as many users as possible”. For this he was also denounced for the receiving stolen goods together with two other people (the recipients of illegal green cards).

Guest on tv

October 28 Molgora he had also intervened live on the “Zona bianca” program on Rete 4: «As you know it was a gamble try to keep people clean No green pass in a pro green pass program – he had commented on Facebook – but I did my best trying to put the dots on the i and all in all it went tooit is good”. And he closed the post like this: “We remain united, non-partisan, peaceful as always and remember to bring the symbol to the streets so as not to be mistaken for what you are not ».

The house search and the weapons

During the search of Molgora’s house they were a hatchet and a “survivor” knife seized in a backpack equipped with a survival kit and a brass knuckle. Finally, two weapons (regularly reported) were withdrawn from the police: Molgora has a license to carry firearms for sporting use. Finally, after the demonstration on Saturday 20 November, in addition to the two complaints and the 31 expulsion orders (with 49 administrative fines), the police station announces that another 257 people identified by the police will be sanctioned in piazza Fontana and piazza Duomo.

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