Grazzini replies to Toti: “Forza Italia in Spezia will not end like in Savona”

“I understand that President Toti is experiencing a moment of strong tensions: his movement no longer appears in the voting intentions of the Italians, the resounding defeat of Savona was followed by that of Ameglia where he resides with his right arm Giampedrone, in Spezia things they do not run as they should and the only things that Peracchini inaugurates, besides the works started by the mayors before him, are the Christmas lights ”. This is how Nanni Grazzini intervenes in response to the statements made by Giovanni Toti after today’s Ligurian regional council. “But if on the one hand I hope that the investigations, which in these days are reporting some national newspapers in relation to the foundation that financially supports the political initiatives of Cambiamo, will be concluded for the best – continues Grazzini – I cannot point out that in the end of the declaration of the president of the Liguria Region there are words that implicitly refer to the battle for the election of Silvio Berlusconi as President of the Republic. A declaration that, covertly, takes on a blackmailing value that says a lot about the attitude that Toti has towards the coalition parties and which have resulted in bringing Forza Italia to one and a half percent in Savona, after having reset the La Spezia city council of its municipal councilors. An engulfment that I will never be able to allow as long as I remain commissioner of Forza Italia at a time when polls show the party in double figures, encouraging our work ”.


Grazzini replies Toti Forza Italia Spezia Savona

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