Volkswagen Revolution – Auto World

Volkswagen Revolution – Auto World
Volkswagen Revolution – Auto World

Important innovations are expected at the top of the brands that make up the Volkswagen Group. After weeks of internal tensions, with the CEO of the Wolfsburg giant Herbert Diess being questioned several times, it seems that the manager will keep his role at the head of the company, with the main news that instead should concern the different realities that make up the group German. To benefit from this small internal revolution should be Ralf Brandstaetter, current CEO of the Volkswagen brand, who is expected to be appointed to the VW group board of directors, taking responsibility for the brands that produce mass market cars (Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat), a role he currently holds in Diess.

With the appointment to the board of the German group, Brandstaetter will have the same weight as Markus Duesmann, CEO of Audi and Porsche CEO Oliver Blume, both former members of the board of directors. The decision could be taken as early as the evening of Tuesday 23 November, when the supervisory board of the VW group will meet in the presence of Daniela Cavallo, employee representative of VW and Wolfgang Porsche and Hans Michel Piech, major shareholders of the VW Group. On this occasion, a final decision will also be made on the future of Diess, with the eventual reconfirmation that will depend for a long time on the manager’s willingness to change his approach in managing the group.

The electrification strategies carried out so far would have highlighted the need for greater optimization of operations, in order not to risk any redundancies. On this point Diess was quite eloquent, unleashing the wrath of the trade unions and leading to a clash with workers’ representatives. The internal mediation of the company should have resolved the disagreements but the rift between the parties can only be healed with some kind of change. On December 9, the board will meet for a second time and on the table there will be investments and the new five-year plan that will accompany Volkswagen in the middle of the transition.



Volkswagen Revolution Auto World

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