Murder Meredith Kercher, Rudy Guede returns free for end of sentence

November 23, 2021 2:01 PM

Sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment, most of which served in the prison of Viterbo, the Ivorian was until now entrusted to social services

“Rudy was released from prison for the end of his sentence,” said his defender, lawyer Fabrizio Ballarini. “The magistrate – he explained – granted him early release on the basis of article 54 of the penitentiary system and the execution office issued the release order”. For Guede, the end of the sentence was scheduled for January 4, 2022 but after the decision of the Supervisory Magistrate it was brought forward to November 20. It is therefore immediately free.

“Rudy would just like to be forgotten”

He accepted the decision on his early release by carrying out his usual duties as a volunteer and “would just like to be forgotten” Rudy Guede. “Unfortunately there are many broadcasters and newspapers asking to interview him. I say unfortunately because Rudy is not a star and after 14 years he would like to be forgotten”, remarked Professor Claudio Mariani, who teaches at the Criminological Studies Center in Viterbo and followed Guede. throughout his detention process. “On every story – he added – sooner or later the curtain should fall. Rudy in the morning at 8 he takes up service as a volunteer at the Caritas canteen and in the afternoon he works in the library of our study center to support himself. There is nothing more to add. to this story except the fact that the life of a young English girl was cut short and from her family we were able to learn the great dignity and value of silence “.

He has always declared himself unrelated to the facts The Ivorian has been entrusted to social services for just under a year and must no longer return to the Mammagialla prison where he served most of the 16 years of imprisonment that were inflicted on him for the Perugia crime to which he has always proclaimed himself a stranger.


Murder Meredith Kercher Rudy Guede returns free sentence

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