Facci breaks the solidarity front to Lucarelli: “Give the No Green pass to look for the accident”

Filippo Facci against Selvaggia Lucarelli. The columnist of Libero today breaks the solidarity front towards the journalist of Tomorrow after the attack on newspapers from the No Green pass Roberto Di Blasio at the Circus Maximus. In her daily memo, Facci says that it is strange that they all happen to her:

I don’t believe the alibi that she was unrecognizable, I doubt they didn’t notice her after she started asking three thousand questions. She is not a professional journalist and lacks experience, but she has real gifts of nature in causing accidents.

But what interests me now is the tendency of some colleagues to become news as they have not found others: once upon a time, structured reporters were sent in at risk who took the blows as a professional accident, to be hidden, not to be flaunted: today , if there is an attack without consequences, perhaps with images – there always are – in the editorial offices they toast to champagne.

For Facci this happens because there is an audience interested in national-popular characters.

But I remember the old job where the best reporter was the one who disappeared behind his chronicles. Lucarelli, alone, went to a demonstration of four thousand possessed, tried to interview almost all of them and perhaps they did not recognize so much her masked face, but her well-known (and perceptible) anxieties to go unnoticed.

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Facci breaks solidarity front Lucarelli Give Green pass accident

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