“But what serum, what inoculate the politicians” – Libero Quotidiano

“But what serum, what inoculate the politicians” – Libero Quotidiano
“But what serum, what inoculate the politicians” – Libero Quotidiano

There are more and more hoaxes about the coronavirus vaccine. The last one sees Slovenia as the protagonist. According to a video released by a former head nurse of theUniversity Medical Center, a clinical center in Ljubljana, the country’s politicians did not get vaccinated. To them, on the contrary, they would have been given doses of placebo. Nothing could be more false. The debunking site Bufale.net, after discovering that the hospital in question is the largest in Slovenia and that since the beginning of the epidemic it has controlled the doses transferred to the National Institute of Public Health (Nijz) for distribution, has released an indiscretion on the former head nurse.

The woman, in fact, she would resign before showing up in front of the cameras. Detail that suggests the video is a hoax. As if that weren’t enough, the former head nurse in the video adds that people forced to get vaccinated within two years will have soft tissue cancer. This too is a statement that is anything but founded and dangerous. Even more so today than Covid-19 overwhelms most countries Europeans. And Slovenia is one of them.

Even if in the last few hours the country has been recording a slight but constant decrease in new infections for the third day in a row, the numbers still make us think. In detail they have been confirmed nearly 1,400 new infections, -24 percent compared to the previous Sunday. However, 50.9 percent of swabs tested positive and, according to estimates by the Covid-19 Sledilnik portal, there are currently 1,162 hospitalized patients in Slovenia, of which 276 in intensive care. Figures that go hand in hand with vaccination. In the country there are 2.36 million doses administered and only 1.14 million people who have completed the entire vaccination cycle, or just over half (54.2 percent).

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