Another Vietnam is ready: because the Democratic Party is really trembling

Another Vietnam is ready: because the Democratic Party is really trembling
Another Vietnam is ready: because the Democratic Party is really trembling

The process of approving the bill oneuthanasia. The text of the provision should have arrived in the Chamber on Monday, but the arrival in the Chamber was postponed for a week because the square was not found in the competent committees.

Among the Giallorossi there are already fears of suffering yet another defeat after the one suffered on the Zan bill, but the deputy dem Walter Verini, a member of the Justice Committee of the Chamber is convinced that the text can be definitively approved by the end of this legislature. “The ddl Zan it had that fate because from the beginning the right did not want a law that recognized rights. We have been working on the end of life for a year and on this issue there is a sentence of the Constitutional Court which requires Parliament to legislate within a year. It is a duty ”, explains a the Umbrian parliamentarian who praises the work carried out “with a responsible and inclusive spirit” by the rapporteur Alfredo Bazoli. “It would be a good test of maturity if the Parliament were able to do its duty also because the technical times are there”, assures Verini who recalls: “The legislature ends in 2023 and, after the election of the Head of State, the law on euthanasia can be discussed and approved “.

The Northern League Luca PaoliniHowever, he is already putting his hands forward: “It does not seem to me that, in December, with Covid running and with the budget law to be approved, euthanasia is the country’s main problem. In my opinion, dealing with this issue today is probably a way to divert other problems such as the division on the left between Pd and Renzi ”. The Forced MP Giusy Versace, head of the party’s Equal Opportunities department, specifies: “Europe has asked Parliament to legislate on the matter and we have not been able to examine it well. Of course, I wouldn’t be addressing such a sensitive issue now, on November 29, when we are choked with other deadlines. The end of life is a topic that deserves special attention that we do not have in December ”. From the opposition benches, the meloniana Maria Teresa Bellucci, a member of the Social Affairs Committee of the Chamber, assures that FdI does not want to obstruct, but “address the issue in a serious way and with a detailed study because we are talking about the defense of life and taking care of the people who are going through the last phase of its existence “. According to Bellucci, the provision on the end of life, just like the Zan bill, is misspelled: “There are terms – she tells us – that leave ample room for interpretation and that have nothing to do with respecting people’s dignity who are in such a difficult phase of their existence. We, therefore, only want to remedy the distortions present in this bill “.

Mario Adinolfi, leader of the People of the Family, this time seems to have no doubts: “The parliamentary Iter will be able to have the evolution they want, but the outcome will be that of the Zan bill. There are no conditions for the approval of a law that would be radicalizing and of which Italy does not feel any need “. According to Adinolfi “it is obvious that there are no technical times to approve euthanasia” and, therefore, this bill “only serves to create the culture broth to explain that this law is unavoidable and fundamental”. The truth is that “Italians do not have the culture of the end of life, on the contrary they have the desire to let their parents live for even an hour longer. It would be enough to take a tour of the hospices to understand this, but Cappato experiences more living rooms than suffering “.


Vietnam ready Democratic Party trembling

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