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“Does obligation limit freedom? The common good must be defended”

“Does obligation limit freedom? The common good must be defended”
“Does obligation limit freedom? The common good must be defended”

The priority is to stop the circulation of the coronavirus and the only way to do this is to protect the entire population. Alessandro Grimaldi, director of the Infectious Diseases Operating Unit of the San Salvatore hospital in L’Aquila and secretary of Anaao assomed Abruzzo, defines the fear of vaccines that they have avoided and continue to avoid millions of deaths “irrational”.

How would you convince a patient wary of the vaccine?

«Just make a comparison with the situation we experienced last year in our ward: we did not have a free place in intensive care. We had to put the sick in the hospital church to welcome all Covid patients ».

The pressure on the ward today? Exactly one year later?

«A few weeks ago we had a peak following an outbreak but now the situation is stable. In sub-intensive there are 18 beds occupied by Covid patients out of 24 available. The youngest inmates are all unvaccinated. If a vaccinated arrives, he is always very old and with other pathologies. Thanks to the vaccine we are avoiding the peak of last year ».

But isn’t it enough that almost 80% of the total population has now been vaccinated?

“Until now, freedom of choice has been left, but if we don’t all vaccinate, the virus continues to circulate. I remember that one positive last summer infected 90 people in a pub in Rome. Only one positive. We must stop the circulation of the virus and even if I realize that the vaccination obligation represents a limit to personal freedom, we must make the common good prevail. And there are Constitutional Court rulings in this regard. Better to get vaccinated than risk being locked up again and spending Christmas with the shops closed ».

Many fear the side effects.

«The irrational distrust of vaccines comes from afar. A few years ago we had hospitalized for encephalitis as a result of measles. Not vaccinated naturally. The consequences of Covid are certain and very serious and far superior to those a vaccine can have. It has been denied that the vaccine can cause infertility but the serious neurological damage of Long Covid is instead confirmed “.

So an obligation not only for healthcare professionals or specific categories?

“I believe that we cannot afford to go on like this for years with epidemic waves that recur cyclically. And the only way to avoid it is vaccination. In addition to the obligation for health personnel, more drastic measures can be reached, also looking at other countries to avoid more serious consequences

So should a European obligation be assumed?

“Across Europe, positions are being tightened to avoid health and economic damage. Austria, which is about to introduce the obligation, is a country that also thrives on winter tourism and risks enormous damage ”.

Many are wary of the vaccine because they say it is poorly tested

«The mRna vaccines are based on a technology that dates back to 2011. A way has been found to convey them in the individual and they will also be used to treat other diseases while now due to Covid we are neglecting other diseases. Let’s not forget the half million postponed interventions “

Should the third dose be brought forward?

«The real question to be verified in the field is how long the protection of the third dose will last: if it will extend beyond the canonical six months as everyone hopes. Surely it must be done to avoid a new paralysis of the hospitals: we cannot sustain another winter like last one “

Is it necessary to vaccinate children?

“Some of them suffer heavy consequences from Long Covid. And if we look at what happened in Israel we see that the virus continued to circulate among the smallest who acted as a reservoir for infections, favoring the circulation of the virus. In the US, prophylaxis against Covid has already been administered to over a million children between 5 and 11 years of age “.

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