Injury Osimhen, out two months: that’s how many games he skips

The latest on the injury of Osimhen, updates arrive from today’s edition of Corriere dello Sport. We went from post-game “head trauma” to “multiple displaced fractures of the orbit and left cheekbone” within two hours.

Naples, Osimhen operated: that’s when he comes back

The Nigerian striker will be operated on in the next few days and spent the night under observation at the Niguarda hospital in Milan. Incredible blow for Spalletti and the fans of the Naples football, shaken by the conditions and recovery times of Victor Osimhen. Corriere dello Sport speculates that it will take a month, perhaps a little longer, and when he returns it will already be Christmas, therefore the Africa Cup of Nations and therefore at least two months without his bomber.

Osimhen injury Inter Napoli 3-2

When Osimhen returns to the field

No Spartak, no Lazio, nothing at all, almost certainly for the next eight games, the ones that will lead to the Christmas break to be experienced, once again, as an injured player. And at that point, in Osimhen, there was nothing left to do but think about everything that happened to him in this terribly unbearable year, steeped in suffering and pain in Nigeria-Sierra Leone, then saddened by the outcome of the x-rays (” dislocation in the right shoulder “), crossed dangerously at home at Christmas, with Covid frightening him, and filled in Bergamo, on February 21, by the terrifying impact on the turf of the Gewiss Stadium, from the rush to the hospital after those moments of fear.

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Osimhen recovery times

Napoli calendar, how many matches Osimhen skips

Updates are coming on Victor Osimhen who will miss important matches in the Napoli calendar. Spartak Moscow and Leicester in the Europa League decisive for the passage of the group to the next round. Then in the league, Osimhen will miss matches like the one against Milan, but also Lazio, Sassuolo, Atalanta, Empoli and then Juventus and other challenges in January, where he will be unavailable because he is involved in the African Cup with his Nigeria.

Victor Osimhen Inter-Napoli 3-2

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