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from Fabrizio Peronaci

The relatives of the Alzheimer’s patient found dead in the Insugherata park announce a legal action. «The Gemelli Polyclinic says they warned us? We want to see the printouts and hear the telephone recordings “

“The truth will come out. We want to see the printouts of the phone calls left from the Gemelli Polyclinic. Everything is in the hands of the lawyers ». The day after the discovery of the body, the tragedy of Giovanni Manna, 73 years old, the Alzheimer’s patient he left the Gemelli hospital on the evening of Tuesday 16 November e found dead the following Saturday, after four days, in the neighbor park of the Insugherata, runs on the Net, unleashes a wave of emotion and predicts short-term judicial implications.

Has been Matteo, one of the three thirty-year-old children of the pensioner, to announce the understanding of the family: “If Gemini, as he says, warned us and warned the authorities that my father was not there, we will be happy to see the printouts and hear the recordings of these phone calls“. The young man wrote the sentence on Fb in a black rectangle, to emphasize the mourning, and concludes the message with an almost defiant tone: “Power. Everything is in the hands of the lawyers“. Only an investigation by the judiciary, therefore, will be able to shed definitive light on what happened on November 16. Giovanni Manna had felt ill on Tuesday afternoon, while he was at home, and it had been taken by ambulance in the emergency room around 18.30. “Due to Covid restrictions, none of us were able to accompany him to Gemelli and stay with him in the waiting room. But I, in the call to 118, I had warned that, since my father suffers from a mild form of Alzheimer’s, he could have gone away “, explained the son during searches throughout Rome, solicited through social media and television appeals. The point of the dispute between the family and the health facility, therefore, concerns the timing with which the Gemini would have warned the police authorities that the patient awaiting a visit had disappeared.

Other important elements will come from the autopsy, to clarify day and causes of death. Giovanni Manna how long did he stay on land, prey to cold and hunger, in a ravine of the green reserve at the north end of the capital? Could a quicker alarm have saved him?
Questions that in the next few hours could end up being examined by the Prosecutor’s Office. Meanwhile, the family says they are grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who for four days have been busy, and Matteo had addressed them in the first message on Fb, posted after having confirmed that the corpse found at the Insugherata was precisely that of his father. «Thank you all for the affection and closeness shown in these crazy days. We ask you to respect our excruciating pain. You have all been very special. We love you”. ([email protected])

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