Bronchiolitis boom among children, the Buzzi head physician: “Don’t send them to the nursery”

Bronchiolitis boom among children, the Buzzi head physician: “Don’t send them to the nursery”
Bronchiolitis boom among children, the Buzzi head physician: “Don’t send them to the nursery”

Full pediatricians in all hospitals in the Milanese. And neonatal intensive care in trouble for the epidemic of bronchiolitis from syncytial virus (Rsv), which runs fast in Milan among children under two years of age. “We have no time to waste, we have to find other beds to care for newborns who need to be hospitalized. So as not to transfer them to structures outside the Regions and avoid many problems for families ».

Gian Vincenzo Zuccotti, dean of the Faculty of Medicine in the State and head physician of Buzzi, the children’s hospital in Milan, raises the alarm: «It is an important epidemic affecting infants. Surely the next few weeks will be delicate and, for this very reason, I would advise parents not to send their children to the nursery, at least for a short period, because community life favors the spread of the virus “. There is no need to frighten mothers and fathers, but not to minimize it, because it is a “difficult to manage” pandemic. At Buzzi the reorganization of the departments began on Saturday, so as to recover space and all that is needed to assist the very young, who also need oxygen at high concentrations. The severity of the infection is understood by discovering the numbers of baby patients: “At Buzzi we have an emergency room that is crowded 24 hours a day, which means, to be clear, that when we discharge 10 children, we have 11 waiting to be hospitalized “. A continuous flow of little patients, even 4 months, 6 months: «The 40 beds we have are always all occupied, 90% of them due to bronchiolitis. The 8-seat ICU is full, therefore, we decided to use a pediatric wing, bordering resuscitation, for the most troubling cases so that they can be monitored by resuscitators. And we open a half ward with 6 beds in another block of the hospital, ”explains the head physician. In this way, transfers outside Lombardy will be avoided: the last one was organized, last Thursday, by the Buzzi doctors, who found availability in Piedmont.

The problem is not only in Milan, where the impact is greater due to the amount of newborns followed in hospitals, but is widespread throughout the Region. “For the moment, however, the system holds up,” assures Zuccotti. But it is tough, because “in pediatrics we are experiencing everything that we have not faced for pediatric Covid which, in the last two months, at Buzzi, for example, caused a single hospitalization for 24 hours”. This time it is not Covid 19 that makes us tremble, but the RSV, which also hit the daughter of Fedez and Chiara Ferragni, who is healed: this year it spread two months in advance and is aggressive, perhaps for a “Immune debt” linked to the lack of circulation last winter when anti-Covid restrictions forced home isolation. “We have to hold on. And the flu has not yet appeared: we need to understand how it will manifest itself », concludes Zuccotti.

Last updated: Monday 22 November 2021, 02:00


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