Renzi alla Leopolda: “We don’t like it, but we vote in 2022”. If the Democratic Party remains an ally of the M5s, “Iv will take the center”

“An abandoned warehouse in Florence has become the house of hope for tens of thousands of people”. So Matteo Renzi closed the eleventh edition of the Leopolda, with an hour late on the schedule. At 1 pm on Sunday 21 November, the senator took the stage and immediately made it clear that the final speech would be purely political. And he reiterated his sentence on the duration of the XVIII legislature: «Without too many words, in 2022 we go to vote. It is a mistake, I think that at the moment the priority is the PNRR ». For the leader of Italia viva, the activists must be “ready” for the hypothesis of a vote. «I have the impression that the leaders of the Pd, M5s, Lega and Fdi have the interest of going to vote, in some cases a political interest and in other cases a personal interest. It is an objective fact », he added, before dwelling on the political positioning of Italy alive. «The discussion on the center gives me hives – said Renzi, defining it however -, the political space in which elections are won in Europe and in the world. It is the place where you go to compete, citing the case of Olaf Scholz, in Germany, who won by abandoning Linke to his fate and going to take the votes of Angela Merkel ».

Renzi against former Pd comrades: “They destroyed a season in which we had 40% of the votes”

The senator gave examples of leaders who, in the center, have won elections, such as Emmanuel Macron today and Tony Blair in the past: “Since he left, Labor hasn’t even won condominium elections anymore.” It is a winning parable for politicians who have a centrist positioning, he also described it with regard to the United States. “If you imagine the center as an agglomeration of acronyms, know that that design will never work. If you imagine the center as the place where you go to compete and win, it is the place where you go to win elections in Italy and throughout the rest of the world ». Renzi has also dampened the enthusiasm of those who imagine that the trend of polls on the Democratic Party, given over 20%, could somehow be a reward for the so-called wide field with the M5s. “There was a season in which the Democratic Party had 40% of the votes, not the polls, yet that season they destroyed it.” The Dems, declared Renzi, are at a crossroads: “They have to choose whether to challenge the right while remaining in the field of European reformism, but to do so they must cut ties with the populists of the M5s”.

“We coherents, we didn’t get drunk on grillism”

“If Salvini and Meloni make the right-wing axis and the Democratic Party denies the battles we fought together, if the Democratic Party chooses to stay with the 5 stars it is natural that in the June elections Italia viva will have to occupy a political space that is no different from that of the first Leopolda. It’s the same space, we stayed here, the others got drunk on the grillism ». For Renzi, in the current political scenario it is necessary to understand what the right wants to become in Italy. “I thought – he declared – that Salvini wanted to carry out an operation similar to that of Berlusconi 20 years ago – or to bring the League to more moderate positions -. I do not think, however, that it will happen and Salvini will remain to preside over the field where he is. Meloni, on the other hand, believes that Le Pen is too moderate: Meloni’s political positioning is worrying not only in Italy, but throughout Europe. This is the right-wing team that aims to manage the elections and I don’t think Berlusconi and Forza Italia are interested in competing for leadership with Salvini and Meloni ». Whether you vote, as Renzi imagines, in 2022 or the natural expiry of the legislature in 2023, Italia viva will not go with the “populists of the M5s” or with the sovereignists. “We cannot stay with them because we say that Europe is not the enemy, nor the one that builds up the walls, but it is the exact opposite of sovereignty. And we tell the populists that we cannot be with those who only give subsidies. We say to young people that there is a world of opportunities ready to welcome them ».

The Zan bill? “Scientifically made to fail by the Democratic Party to get a post from Lady Gaga”

In a passage, Renzi quoted Aldo Moro in reference to the passage from the Conte due government to the Draghi executive: «Aldo Moro, in 1978, claimed the flexibility of that part of the DC that wanted to open up to government with the communists. “Our flexibility has saved Italian democracy more than our power,” said Moro. It is certain that our flexibility in 2019 and 2021 did not save democracy but economic stability. We have fewer seats but Italy is now safe ». Renzi, like yesterday – again from Leopolda – Scalfarotto did, criticized the Democratic Party for the failure of the Zan bill. In the passage of the so-called trap and the subsequent suspension of the discussion on the bill against homolesbobitransphobic hate crimes, for the senator from Italia viva we saw the symbol of the left who chose to be on the side of the “bla bla bla”. In his opinion, the former party comrades have «scientifically chosen to take the like on Instagram, canceling the possibility of taking the law home. And they are the same people who made the demonstrations coming under the headquarters of Italia viva – he attacked -. But if you care about Lady Gaga’s post, if you care about the increase of follower, take the complacency of influence. Doing politics, however, means bringing the laws in Official Journal».

Pharaoh’s candidacy for mayor of Palermo

The leader of the Italia viva in the Senate – very active in this three-day event on stage and among the activists – has decided to run for the post of mayor of Palermo. The news was launched by Renzi during the closing speech of Leopolda: «Your candidacy for mayor of Palermo will not be the daughter of an accord, but it speaks to the city. We in Palermo are not with Miccichè, we are with Faraone, we are with a city that in recent years has not even managed to bury its dead ». Going back to talking about the most imminent elections, those of the Quirinale, the leader of Italia viva recalled the attempt of the 5 stars to start a procedure for the impeachment of Mattarella. «I read incredible stories about the election of the President of the Republic – Renzi complained -. I am proud to have contributed to the election of a gentleman like President Mattarella. I want our thanks to him for leading the country at a time when someone wanted to try him for high treason ».

La standing ovation finale

With regard to his successor, he clarified what the line of his party will be: «We must have the country’s interest and international prestige as a guiding star in choosing the next president of the Republic. We will work and vote for a president who is able to guarantee a democratic transition at the European level ”. The eleventh edition of the Leopolda ended with a standing ovation for Renzi, who spoke for almost an hour: “I don’t know if the selfishness of four political leaders who want elections will prevail and therefore we will vote in 2022 but we will ready. Regardless of what happens, we will never be able to be with populists and sovereignists – the senator said in the last line -. Leopolda reminds us that the EU is not the enemy, that there are a lot of opportunities, we are those of politics and not of populism, of Europe and not of sovereignty ». All standing in the pavilions of the old station of Florence.

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