Rome, today another round of tampons. Then the home-work-home protocol

ROME – Maximum attention in Rome after the two cases of positivity. Not that in Trigoria the security regarding anti Covid security has ever been relaxed, on the contrary, the maximum entry controls of insiders and external personnel have always been adopted inside the sports center, to avert the danger of new positivity and make everyone (from the players to the administrative staff) work safely and without fear.

Rome, today new pads. Then the Asl protocol

The infections of Cristante and Villar – arrived during the break for the national teams – will force Roma this afternoon to new tests on all players. Because the two players trained with the rest of the team and despite all being vaccinated (like the two midfielders) and of course there is the risk of new positivity. Six hours after tonight’s match against Genoa, Roma will be subjected to a new round of tampons to avoid new problems. When the team returns to the capital, it will have to adopt the ASL home-work-home protocol for a week.

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Roma leaving for Genoa: there are Smalling and Pellegrini


Rome today tampons homeworkhome protocol

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