Yes, Kojima still has THAT hat from Metal Gear Solid 3

Yes, Kojima still has THAT hat from Metal Gear Solid 3
Yes, Kojima still has THAT hat from Metal Gear Solid 3

Last November 17th Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater officially celebrated his seventeenth birthday and also Hideo Kojima – at least in these hours – he was not indifferent to it.

The famous game director driving the new one Kojima Productions, in fact, he noted today the time that has passed since the release of Snake Eater and, a bit like I did last week for my twenties Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, began to share some curiosities related to the work on the game and its behind the scenes.

Among these, it is above all the fact that the legendary is exhumed crocodile hat. As players will remember, Naked Snake could get this in-game item, useful for blending into ponds – and fully in the mood of the kojimani titles.

We learn from the author that, at the time, several of these hats were made in reality, both for the shooting of the game and for promotional events. However, there is only one left in the world, immortalized in the photo shared by Kojima on social media.

In short, if you want an authentic crocodile hat, know that it is a rarity and you will have to create it yourself.

Among other things, Kojima also pointed out how the CQC scenes of the character from The Boss have been shot directly with motion capture by the military consultant of the saga (Motosada Mori), to make the animations more realistic.

The author also recalled having decided to resorting to the CQC precisely because of the difference in the settings, which in the jungle offer bottlenecks and more complicated spaces in which to move, compared to the perfectly identifiable and geometric areas of the previous episodes.

Consultant Motosada Mori, in this case, suggested introducing short-range combat, which later became iconic within the series.

Released in 2004 as a prequel to the saga (in the timeline it is the first ever canonical episode), Snake Eater has been at the center of a lot of talk lately, because persistent rumors have suggested that there is work in progress to make a makeover on Konami’s mandate.

The game, in the past, already saw the realization in computer graphics of some of its most famous sequences, but the famous publisher used them only to accompany the launch of the dedicated pachinko. And that probably hurts more than a well-placed hit with the CQC.

If you want to get closer to how Hideo Kojima’s video games are born, we recommend reading his collection of essays, The Gene of Talent.

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