“Here’s the str …”. A Ballando ends badly

“Here’s the str …”. A Ballando ends badly
“Here’s the str …”. A Ballando ends badly

Who expected a showdown between Morgan and Wild Lucarelli he had to change his mind. In the last episode of dancing with the Stars the journalist appeared decidedly restrained (refraining from judging Morgan in addition to voting) and on more than one occasion she preferred to gloss over rather than attack. But in the middle of the episode, when Federico Fashion Style teased her with a provocation, Lucarelli woke up, slipping into the usual mechanisms.

The public noticed that Selvaggia Lucarelli had arrived in the episode with the handbrake on since the start of the Rai Uno show. “Tonight Lucarelli made a ‘vow of silence’ regarding the provocations and insults?“, joked a user on Twitter, commenting on the unusual attitude of the judge who is usually always ready to tease and criticize the competitors. The spectators instead had to wait for half of the episode to watch the journalist’s latest provocation, who burst out after a joke of Federico Fashion Style.

The famous hair stylist was in the Sala delle Stelle waiting to take to the track to perform and Milly Carlucci joked about her samurai hairstyle. “That pigtail gave you insane strength in the surprise test“, the presenter urged him and he replied: “Tonight I can also raise Selvaggia Lucarelli”. As expected, Federico Fashion Style’s words did not leave the judge indifferent, who did not hesitate to argue sarcastically: “What is this, body shaming?“.

The hair stylist tried to explain himself, continuing in an ironic tone: “You will understand, Anastasia is a bit thinner, ‘this wig weighs“. Referring to Lucarelli’s hairstyle, already the subject of attention during the episode. At that point, Selvaggia Lucarelli broke the banks, perhaps imposed by the presenter, mindful of last Saturday’s quarrel with Morgan:”I mean tonight they called me obese and more, but am I not reacting like a Tibetan monk? Then they say that I speak and: ‘Here it provokes “,” Here is the bitch’ ““In short, the juror just couldn’t hold back, forcing Carlucci to admonish her for that too much swear word in the final.


Heres str Ballando ends badly

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