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Sunday, November 21 2021, 09:15

by aldo grandi

Someone like Andrea Colombini, if he were not there, we would have to invent it and the city of Lucca, with its mayor Alessandro Tambellini in the head, its junta painted in faded red, its sloth palace armed with diligent executives what does it do? the patronage of the most important Puccini event which has been going on for decades and which welcomes tourists in droves throughout the year in one of the most beautiful church-auditoriums in the historic center.

If we were Italians with a capital I, we would storm the Municipality of Lucca with e-mails of protest so that they would return to Colombini the right to wear the city symbol that certainly does not belong to this municipal administration, but to all the people of Lucca, even those who do not vote left – and there are some despite the littleness and poverty of the center-right – and who, above all, consider the Green Pass the greatest antics and the most shameful of the impositions invented by a ruling-digestive class that despises freedom and the Constitution, words with the which, however, rinses his mouth every day whenever there is a cry to the fetish of fascism that only they see.

Yesterday’s demonstration in Rome, our Rome in which we grew up in the seventies when those who took to the streets did so, God knows, with very different intentions and very different ways, welcomed hundreds of thousands of people, all Italian, all free, all in love with this broken boot, all without fear because it is fear that prevents life, with a splendid sunny day and in an extraordinarily evocative place which is the area of ​​the Circus Maximus, between the Imperial Forums, the Colosseum , the Arch of Constantine, the Bocca della Verità, the temple of Vesta and the Baths of Caracalla. And if you please.

“It was for me – explained Andrea Colombini – a great satisfaction to be able to exhibit in front of so many people, a wonderful day, to be able to speak and be able to ignite the square at such a high moment for Italian democracy in the name of the Constitution, in the name of the Republic, in the name of respecting those republican values ​​for which, ninety years ago, we fought and won the Nazi-fascism. Today’s square is a multicolored square, a square that has never been seen, due to its power and desire, something that lasted until 19.30 with almost double the number of people who arrived since it started to arrive from 16. We finished at ten minutes at 16 because we opened the day with the orchestra and with the choir. I can only thank all the others who attended including Dr. Ornella Mariani Forni, Dr. Carlo Agnese, Rosario Del Priore, Luca Teodori, former candidate for mayor of Rome, Achille Zainz and Mich ele Giovagnoli, two great influencers and many other names who have made this square an unforgettable experience. And thanks also to the many from Lucca who were present because their visit to the Forum that we did made me feel proud and happy. People from my city who made me happy to be there and to have partly represented both my city and Giacomo Puccini in such a beautiful venue “.

And now, to quash the yearning for freedom of millions of Italians who do not want to know that they are humiliated, bound, scolded, sanctioned and, perhaps, who knows?, In the near future even deported, what will the police do – sometimes even of (dis) order? – They will obey the digestive class and will do as they have always done, that is to bludgeon left and right, water with fire hydrants, load by force, maybe shoot as in Holland to disperse this mass of troublemakers who also represent a slice of an Italy that do you want and have the right to live and, above all, to work for a living? Or will they choose to be Men?

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