They occupy his house while having lunch at a restaurant with his daughter

“I was in the restaurant with my daughter when I received a call from a neighbor who told me that they had occupied my house. I rushed to the place and noticed the forced gate of the house and the damaged security door. she was a woman with two children, whom I had never seen before. ” Thus began, last June 7, the odyssey of Bruno Illiano, 63 years old from Pozzuoli, who – as Nicola Clemente tells on Napolitoday – for five months has not been able to get hold of the public housing in via Matilde Serao in Pozzuoli, of which he was legitimate assignee.

Since then, the 63-year-old, who had lived in that apartment since 1992, has not been able to recover the many personal and family possessions left inside the house. The man’s lawyer, the lawyer Gennaro Caracciolo of the Santa Maria Capua Vetere bar, filed a complaint-lawsuit at the Monteruscello Carabinieri Station and asked the Public Prosecutor’s Office “to order, with the utmost urgency, all the documents necessary for the immediate eviction, together or separately with the preventive seizure on the property assigned to Mr. Illiano, in order to minimize the harmful effects of the crime “.

The case rekindles the debate on illegal occupations: a bill has been filed in the Chamber by the Northern League deputy Luca Rodolfo Paolini who proposes to change the legislation on theft, introducing a sort of crime of “home theft”.

The law that provides for “home theft”

Specifically, the PDL provides for the insertion of article 624 ter into the penal code, according to which “whoever takes possession, occupies holds without legitimate title a real estate intended for private domicile, by means of violence against things, artifices or deceptions, or in any case prevents the re-entry into the same of the owner or whoever has a legal title to occupy it, is punished with imprisonment from 2 to 6 years “. The code of criminal procedure is also amended to article 381, thus giving the possibility of arresting “anyone caught in the act of […] theft or possession or permanence in a building intended for private domicile provided for by article 624 ter of the criminal code “.


occupy house lunch restaurant daughter

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