Giovanni Manna died, the drama of the elderly man who disappeared from Gemelli

“Heartfelt thanks to all those who have helped us these days. We now ask you to respect our pain”. Few words, but touching. So Matteo Manna on the evening of Saturday 20 November announced on Facebook the death of his father, Giovanni Manna, the 73-year-old who disappeared on the night of November 16 from the waiting room of the emergency room of the Gemelli hospital and was found lifeless yesterday, in the park of the Insugherate.

A post accompanied by a broken heart that, in a few minutes, went viral. Yes, because the story of the Manna family is a dramatic story that tells, once again, the brutal consequences of a dark disease like Alzheimer’s, but – if you want to find a positive aspect – also from the solidarity contest that lasted for four days she accompanied the children in their search for their father. Half of Rome, physically, took to the streets to find him. Others shared photos and descriptions on neighborhood group chats and social media. And then the appeals in the media, from RomaToday to ‘Who has seen it?’. A widespread tam tam.

Yesterday, even a rally. Hundreds of them found themselves right at the entrance to the Gemelli, on the heliport side of Via Trionfale, to look for the pensioner. The children and their friends had scoured the area as far as Montemario. Unfortunately, on Saturday afternoon, the tragic news of the discovery.

At around 4 pm the state police officers, aboard a helicopter in flight to monitor the no green pass demonstration in Rome, noticed the body of a man lying on the lawn of the Insugherata park. At 4.15 pm a patrol from the Primavalle police station was there. The forensics team and the arrival of the family did the rest: that body was Giovanni Manna, now dead.

Now we investigate to understand what has happened in all these hours. Instead, it will be the autopsy to clarify the causes of death. Giovanni Manna suffered from Alzheimer’s, and had left the Gemelli hospital, most likely in a state of confusion, exasperated by the wait for the visit.

His son Matteo, with RomaToday, had reconstructed what happened on the evening of November 16, that of the last contact with his father: “Due to Covid restrictions, none of us family members were able to accompany him to Gemelli and stay with him in the waiting room . So I warned the 118 staff by telephone that my father, who suffers from a mild form of Alzheimer’s, could have left as he was reluctant to wait “. And in fact Giovanni from the emergency room phoned his son saying he wanted to go home. “Clearly not being able to do so, I invited him to give up and stay in the hospital, telling him that I would join him in a short time to bring him home”. But this did not happen. The race of family members is in vain. After four days of agony, the dramatic ending.

The RomaToday editorial team clings to the family.

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