BAD WEATHER is back, but everything changes in Europe. WINTER early on Italy

The flash truce is already over, with the return of rains and worsening weather over most of Italy. The descent of a core of cold air over Western Europe generated a cyclonic vortex between Spain, Southern France and the Balearics.

Cold is preparing to break into Western Europe. Map source

The perturbed front heading towards Italy is connected to this minimal depression. The most active part of the cloud cluster will bring the greatest effects from Monday, with scattered precipitations that will be more widespread, frequent and intense on the medium-high Tyrrhenian side and on Campania.

The low depression will tend to remain blocked in the west of Italy and therefore the disturbance will tend to subside as early as Tuesday. Snow will return to fall in the Alps, especially the western ones, up to around 1200-1400 meters, but not at lower altitudes given the relatively mild air flow.

A completely different situation will be experienced in Central-Northern Europe, with sudden cooling due to the currents descending from Scandinavia. Winter will arrive after an unusually mild period. Italy will remain on the sidelines at this stage, with only the northern regions lapped by the cold Nordic air.

A new arctic lunge will then take shape in the middle of the week, fueling a circulation always located west of Italy. THEn this phase, disturbed Western currents towards Italy will continue to prevail.

A bit of cold will be felt only on part of the North and in particular in the North-West with the probability of snowfall up to around 1000 meters in the Western Alps, while in the rest of Italy we will still have an autumnal context.

Only during the weekend the cold air, further descending from the arctic latitudes, could point further east, heading directly towards the Central Mediterranean. If this hypothesis is realized, Italy would fall towards conditions of bad winter weather with the first snowfalls at low altitude.


BAD WEATHER Europe WINTER early Italy

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