On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 21 November:

On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 21 November:
On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 21 November:

The suspect Renzi copies B .: he talks about something else and insults the prosecutors

Obsessed with the magistrates and the “Done”, he cites the Tortora case. Silence instead on Benetton, Toto, Bat and bin Salman


Moderna’s gold shares. The CEO pocketed 200 million

Dollars – CEO Bancel sold one million shares of his company in 2021. He has another 15 in his hand. His colleague Bourla (Pfizer) earned “only” 5.5 million

Palazzo Chigi

Covid: if it goes on like this, Draghi will play Colle

Fear – Black forecasts for infections in January: the prime minister would remain “caged”. No-vax restrictions coming soon


Cultural heritage to individuals: a historic flop. The failure of the “revolutionary” tender

Vague and not very strict rules. Result: the 13 properties (castles, churches and villas) put up for tender 5 years ago are almost all closed

The mess

Alitalia, the government keeps EU requests secret

Protest – The Speaker of the Chamber Fico wrote to Draghi: Parliament voted without knowing the texts. Brussels was to publish them by September

In office since 2000

Uil Sicilia: the secretary is gone, the wife arrives

Elections in the union – The outgoing executive: “It’s a delicate choice, but also the best”

Controversy in Sardinia

Sassari, Razzi at the start of the academic year with Casellati, the rector and the friend of the holidays

The second office of the state; a third-last governor in Italy in popularity; a former senator known for “quail jumping” and for dancing on Tik Tok; a senator who is a friend of all and a rector who has bought up regional funds. It is the parterre de rois that last Monday, in front of 650 guests, […]

The self-candidate

And B. continues the purchasing campaign

Quirinale – The parliamentary “fruits” of the Silvio-Peones negotiation: Cesa also on the field

Fourth wave

Seriously ill: 2 out of 3 No Vax. And the dead are 9 times more

Report – ISS data on the incidence of the virus confirm the effectiveness (not for everyone) of vaccines on Covid, but after 6 months the protection drops

The interview

“Germany is at the mercy of a syndemia”

Epidemiologist Emilio Gianicolo: “The mistake was thinking that 70% of vaccinated people were enough”

The case of school

Thus the Certosa di Trisulti ended up with the Bannon boys

The paradox – The three-year long judicial battle

Reggio Emilia

He negotiates punishment for stalking, goes out and kills the ex

Juana Cecilia Hazana Loayza, 34-year-old Peruvian living in Reggio Emilia, was found dead yesterday morning in a park: she had some deep cuts on her neck and a bloody knife was found next to the body. The carabinieri, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Maria Rita Pantani, stopped Mirko Genco, 24, the original door-to-door representative […]

“She was missing … 75190”

Northern League no-vax offends Segre. In the end he apologizes

To refer to Liliana Segre he used the number that the senator had been assigned in the Auschwitz concentration camp. “She was missing … 75190”, Fabio Meroni, leader of the Lega in Lissone, Brianza, provincial councilor and former deputy, declared no-vax, wrote on Facebook. As usually happens in these cases, the keyboard lion […]

Public Prosecutor of Salerno

Arrested Renziano campaigned for Mister Fritture

The man from Matteo Renzi’s party, arrested for instigating corruption around public contracts in Capaccio Paestum (Salerno), had Vincenzo De Luca’s man vote. These are Roberto D’Angelo, citizen coordinator of IV, and the mayor Pd Franco Alfieri (not investigated and unrelated to the corruptive events which, moreover, date back to two years earlier […]

Anti-corruption law

Council of State, Severino is not valid there: n. 2 of the Carfagna remains in place

One cannot say no to Mario Draghi’s government. For his ministers and for the powerful state mandarins at their service, some exception can be made from the rule even if it is a question of confettiing the Severino law on the prevention and repression of corruption in the PA. […]

Foggia, quarrel in a construction site

Businessman shoots and kills a worker

Business reasons, maybe a little credit. This is allegedly at the origin of the murder of Bonifazio Buttacchio, a 57-year-old worker from San Severo (Foggia), whose body was found yesterday morning inside the building site of the bishop’s curia. A 35-year-old small businessman would have killed him with a gunshot to the head, […]

Her husband died on Friday

Explosion of Caserta, Giuseppina also died

The victims of the collapse of the two-storey building in Cancello Scalo, a hamlet of San Felice a Cancello, in the Caserta area, which occurred on Friday, rose to two. After Mario Sgambato, found crushed under a heavy beam of an attic, his wife Giuseppina Sammaciccio also lost his life. The woman, 74 years old like her husband, had been […]

Journalist of the “Done”

Maurizi’s investigation into Wikileaks awarded

The fifth edition of the European Award Investigative and Judicial Journalism went to Stefania Maurizi and Fanpage. The award, conceived by Massimo Scuderi, aims to trace the personalities who represent the expression of European judicial and investigative journalism. Maurizi, journalist of the Fatto Quotidiano, received the recognition for the work done in recent years on Julian […]

No of the animal rights activists

Isola del Giglio, the hunt for mouflons starts: “They ruin the fields”

The operation to kill the mouflons – about thirty – starts tomorrow on the Island of Giglio (Grosseto): the hunt will last until 31 March. The “Vitadacani” association and the “Network of Sanctuaries of free animals” have sent a warning to the Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, which has decided for the killing, also underlining how it has “disregarded what is assured”, or “of […]

The letter to Giorgetti

Tim: “We risk 40,000 redundancies”. Unions against the government

The great maneuvers at the top of Tim, now public, have finally brought one of the great unspoken of the Republic into the open: the former monopolist, without the single network vertically integrated into the company, risks having to go through a painful restructuring: ” 40 thousand redundancies ”, said Fabrizio Solari of the Slc CGIL (practically the entire force) firing high […]

Comic Matters

Suitcase words, alliterations and lists: from Rabelais to Joyce

ELEMENTS OF COMIC STYLE Since last time we have been taking a peek at Joyce’s Finnegans Wake (are there more?). We have noticed some coincidences with Rabelais’ grotesque style: the passion for lists and for modified words (metaplasms, see Qc ​​# 17). The lists. The catalogs, as the biblical and Homeric ones testify, were born […]

The darkness of the mind

The flat hypnosis of Facebook & C.

An orgy of information – Social, TV, Internet, Netflix & C: our brain “defends itself” and absorbs and processes only the surface of facts and knowledge. Thus it is impossible for a genius like Leopardi to be reborn

In self-defense

The day of US anger. The “white killer” acquitted

Armed anti-racists contest the verdict that divides the Dems. The Republicans offer appointments to the Congress for the murderer “big baby”

Great Britain

Young British converts more by neo-Nazis than by Islamists

Right-wing extremism overtook Islamic radicalism for the first time as the leading cause of reporting to Prevent, the UK government’s terrorism prevention program, according to data provided by the Home Office, the Home Office. The difference is remarkable: in 2020/21 there were 1,064 reports of risk of Islamist radicalization, against […]


Boric the revolutionary challenges Kast’s right

Battle at the polls – Today the first round of presidential elections: Santiago will have to choose between the leftist candidate and Pinochet’s heir

Your TvLOft

“Respiro”, Di Battista’s Bolivian diaries

The documentary – Journey to the South American country that never stops fighting


Kabul, kidnappings continue. Killed doctor-icon Alemi

Psychiatrist Mohamed Nader Alemi worked at the provincial hospital in Mazar-i-Sharif, where he was kidnapped two months ago. The kidnappers demanded a ransom of $ 350,000 for his release. Despite the payment being made, the criminals tortured and killed him while leaving his body on the street. Under the previous government, supported by the states […]

Marco D’Amore

“Me and Saviano bohemian, in Servillo I gave the Lei. And the shirt of Maradona”

Actor and director of “Gomorra” is back on Sky with the last season of the series


“Monuments speak to us: you just need to know how to listen to them”

The “History of Architecture of Italy” by Arsenio Frugoni is in the bookshop, taken from a cycle of conferences on art, which the intellectual wrote in the war period: now the homage of his daughter Chiara


Civello’s “Chansons” from Aznavour to Brel, passing through the TV series by Imma Tataranni

The album of the Roman singer-songwriter


Lodovini gets lost in Tropea and Lo Cascio plays “The bad guy”

After the global success of The Father, Anthony Hopkins returned to star for Florian Zeller in The Son, a transposition of a play by the French director and playwright, scripted like the previous one by Christopher Hampton and played by Hugh Jackman, Laura Dern and Vanessa Kirby. Charlotte Gainsbourg and Matt Dillon will be the protagonists of An […]

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