fired an employee who had been signing e-mails with obscene phrases for years

fired an employee who had been signing e-mails with obscene phrases for years
fired an employee who had been signing e-mails with obscene phrases for years

In the wake of the controversy sparked by the Activision Blizzard harassment case and requests for the resignation of CEO Bobby Kotick, the Wall Street Journal held a podcast to report the delay in which the company took action against an employee who signed emails with sentences. sexually suggestive.

In recounting this unfortunate fact, the reporter Kirsten Grind considered it appropriate to underline that the macho and “brotherhood” culture pervades the entire corporate and working fabric of Activision Blizzard, to the point of making normal the activities carried out by those who, like the employee just mentioned, have no qualms about closing each of his emails with an obscene “1-800-ALLCOCK”.

The case cited by Grind falls within the category of investigative reports conducted by the California authorities to bring out all potential cases of misconduct and any cover-up activities that Activision Blizzard’s top echelons may have carried out over the years. According to the WSJ reporter, “There was this example of an Activision employee who for years has signed all his corporate emails with 1-800-ALLCOCK. Does it seem normal that every female employee should be forced to receive this kind of email and be subjected to these behaviors? But no, for them it was a matter of scams, they joked about it “.

Also based on the reconstruction of the events provided by the Wall Street Journal reporter, Activision’s top management would have decided to take action against this employee only from this summer, after receiving a claim and following an internal investigation that lasted for about a month until it reached his final dismissal.

Activision Blizzard’s Communications Officer, Helaine Klasky, spoke to Kotaku’s microphones to underline how “Our team opened an investigation after receiving a report regarding the use of this phone number and fired the employee at the conclusion of the investigation”. From the representative of Activision Blizzard, however, no confirmation or denial has come to the statements of the editor of the WSJ on the years required to be able to take action against this anonymous employee.


fired employee signing emails obscene phrases years

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