The “super pension”: when the credit arrives (extra)

The “super pension”: when the credit arrives (extra)
The “super pension”: when the credit arrives (extra)

As has been happening for several months now, those who choose to withdraw their own pension directly to post offices will be able to do so at the end of the previous month. And this will happen until the end of the state of emergency which will expire in January caused by the pandemic.

This time, however, the check will be richer as the thirteenth andadditional amount. The calendar, which we will see in detail shortly, will be from 25 November to 1 December. The choice is mainly due to the Covid emergency and the need to avoid gatherings. To explain it is the Civil Protection with a note: “In order to allow Poste Italiane SpA to manage the access to its branches of the holders of the right to collect the social security benefits paid by the National Social Security Institute, in a manner compatible with the provisions in force adopted in order to contain and manage the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19, the payment of retirement benefits, checks, pensions and accompanying allowances paid to disabled civilians in the month of December 2021, is anticipated“.

The calendar

As mentioned, collections will take place from Thursday 25 November to Wednesday 1 December. People will be sorted alphabetically.

Letters AB will therefore begin on November 25th. CDs will go on Friday November 26th. EK Saturday 27th November. LO Monday 29th November. PR Tuesday 30th November. And finally, SZ on Wednesday 1st December.

The accreditation

For those who have a savings book, a BancoPosta account or a Postepay evolution, the December pension will be automatically credited from 25 November. Those who, on the other hand, have a Postamat card, Carta-libretto or Postepay evolution card will be able to withdraw cash from over 7,000 Postamat ATMs with the advantage of not having to go to the counter. No down payment for those who receive the money by check directly in the bank. This will take place on December 1st with no advance payment.

The delegation

The retiree may decide to send another person to collect it. However, it is still necessary that you present yourself at the post office on the day that corresponds to the surname of the pensioner. Furthermore, if the person in question is over 75 he can delegate the withdrawal to the carabinieri who can bring the money to the individual.

Thirteenth and additional amount

The calculation of the thirteenth takes into account the monthly payments of pension accruals received during the year, therefore, as explained by Il Messaggero, if you retired in the last 12 months, the allowance will be lower. The result is obtained by dividing the gross monthly earnings by the months worked.

The additional amount will instead be 155 euros, the so-called “Christmas Bonus” for retirees. This was introduced by the financial law of 2001 and recognized to those who receive one or more pensions with a total amount not exceeding the minimum treatment. Therefore, it is up to the holders of the pensions paid by INPS with the exclusion of welfare payments, pensions of employees of credit institutions, company managers and treatments not having the nature of a pension.

But obviously there are gods requirements to satisfy. The bonus is for those who have a total amount of pensions for 2020 equal to or less than € 6,695.91. The spouse’s pension is also important: if the total amount is between 6,695.91 and 6,850.85 euros then the pensioner will have the difference between 6,850.85 euros and the amount of the pensions.

The additional amount is actually attributed if personal income does not exceed the amount of 10,043.87 euros. If he is married, the minimum marital income requirement is considered: € 20,087.73.

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