The error that causes the smartphone battery to drain immediately

If you have a smartphone whose battery starts to drain too quickly you are probably making or have repeatedly made a mistake


The relationship with the smartphone is for everyone of love and hate, especially hate when the battery seems to decide to stop working suddenly. On the other hand, there is a specific reason why your mobile phone no longer has the resistance it used to be.

With first generation mobile phones, in the case of inadequate recharging, the problem of “memory” was created, ie the mobile phone that was not completely discharged and then completely recharged “remembered” that only the percentage of battery actually recharged was available. .

With the new lithium batteries this problem no longer exists and indeed it is a good idea to prevent the phone from discharging completely.

How to recharge the smartphone battery?


As we mentioned, the new ones battery lithium-ion smartphones do not have the problem of the so-called “charge memory”. This means that you don’t necessarily have to wait that the battery goes to 0 and the cellphone greets you to be able to attach it to a charger.

Indeed to extend the life of your smartphone it is useful just avoid downloading it completely and then force it to fully charge. The most recent models are able to guarantee excellent performance consuming less and it is therefore no longer necessary to reach 100% of the charge.

A mistake that many make and that risks undermining the battery of your mobile phone is leave your smartphone charging overnight. Prefer a recharge at a time when you can make sure that once you have reached an adequate percentage, even just 80%, you can then disconnect the power.

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Except in the case of a strict emergency, then prefer the original charger of your smartphone since it is designed to interface with the product in the best possible way. Another trick to extend the life of your cell phone battery is to not use none app while the mobile phone is connected to prevent the functioning of the app and the concomitant recharging from heating the device.

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That of temperature it is in fact a key element for the mobile phone and its battery to continue to function well. The battery of a smartphone kept at a constant temperature and with the possibility of dispel the heat in excess lasts much longer than a device closed in a protective case but which prevents the dispersion of the heat generated by internal activity.


error smartphone battery drain immediately

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