Remake Diamond and Pearl: You could be trapped in the 7th Gym forever

The highly anticipated fourth generation remakes of Pokémon Shining Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl, released yesterday November 19, have been bought by many fans of the series, who have already started having problems.

In addition to the famous void glitch, inherited from the original games, there seem to be problems with the seventh Gym. A Nevepoli, must be defeated Bianca, which specializes in type Pokémon ice. The Gym Trial is a small puzzle game that consists of making your character collide with the snowballs in the building. By breaking them, you will create the path to challenge the Gym Leader and get the Icicle Medal.

In the remakes of Diamante e Perlahowever, it seems that a rather peculiar phenomenon may occur. Since the gym is entirely made of ice, our protagonist will not move normally, but rather will slip. The central platform of the Gym, crucial for solving the puzzle, contains 9 snowballs. As shown by Long_monaka in one of his Tweet, after colliding with 3 of the 9 snowballs on the central platform and performing a series of passes, you can remain totally blocked. From there, you can’t move in any way! The only solution is to exit and re-enter the game. If you save your data after being trapped, you will need to cancel the save and start the game all over again.

There are

which show, instead, how to take advantage of the character’s sliding movement to overcome the ice rises of the Gym uphill. By doing so, it may be possible to get to Bianca faster and easier, avoiding solving the puzzle.

This is probably a problem that will come soon fixed, but which, nevertheless, could be very annoying for gamers. It should also be mentioned that this complication it was not present in the original games.


Remake Diamond Pearl trapped #7th Gym

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