“Fundamental to protect yourself from the risk of contagion”

The Umbria Region announces with a note that “in these hours we are sending citizens over 40 and other target categories a message to invite those who have completed the vaccination cycle for six months, to book the third dose of vaccine promptly and without procrastinations. anticovid “. The Region, in addition to the territorial vaccination points, has established that the third dose can be administered by general practitioners and in pharmacies.

The Technical Scientific Committee together with the Epidemiological Nucleus of the Region, the note continues, “has decided to start, starting from November 22, the administration of the third dose to all over 40s who have completed the vaccination cycle with two doses for at least 6 months. as recommended by the National Commissioner Structure, and also to all those who work in the social, health and health structures “.

The Councilor for Health of the Umbria Region, Luca Coletto, underlines again “the importance of vaccination with a third dose, also in light of the fact that after 6 months, the protection from infection drops from 95 percent to 82 percent” .

“” Umbria – specified the commissioner Coletto – from the analysis of the data elaborated by the Epidemiological Unit, is in a situation of stability that can only be maintained with an act of responsibility of the citizens who will have to vaccinate themselves with the first dose if still have not done so, and with the third if six months have already passed since the first cycle. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended to use the mask which – as requested by the CTS – must be worn correctly covering the nose, also to avoid contagion of adenovirus in circulation in this period. Only in this way – underlined Coletto – will we be able to remain, as now, under the threshold of hospitalizations “.

With regard to hospitalizations, Coletto stresses “that today in Umbria 9 subjects were hospitalized in the medical area, 1 of whom cannot be vaccinated. The other 8 were all vaccinated: of these, 5 are over 80 who could have already received the additional dose. Overall of the 8 vaccinated, 6 had been vaccinated with two doses between January and May, with the exception of 2 subjects who had completed the cycle between June and July. even more important is to book the appointment for the third dose immediately at the end of six months “.

“This data relating to the number of hospitalizations – explain the epidemiologists – should however be read as a whole and not as an absolute figure. Because it must be borne in mind that the vaccine, while not immunizing one hundred percent, protects against severe complications and death. What we will face in a fully vaccinated population is that, however, a proportion may end up in hospital, but it is highly unlikely compared to those who are not vaccinated. However, it is certain that immunity begins to decline over time and that is why timeliness in renewing immunization with an additional dose is important. Precisely to assess the level of risk, the CTS and the Epidemiological Nucleus are launching an in-depth study “.

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