Postepay, the message arrives to customers: terrible scenario

Postepay alarm: the company is sending a very important message. There is indeed a great danger. Here’s what it is

Postepay (Photo from Facebook profile)

If you own a Postepay, be careful. Because the Poste Italiane card, practically among the most popular in Italy, runs a great risk in this historical period. It is in fact the most targeted of all, with continuous attempts at fraud from every front. Emails, sms, phone calls from alleged employees of the company. All with the same purpose: empty your account of the unfortunate on duty. And unfortunately there have already been many such cases, with credit recovery becoming practically impossible in many cases.

This is why the parent company, on the occasion of any paper communication regarding a Postepay, whether it is a new card or a replacement, is also attaching a separate ticket dwhere he warns all customers. In this text there is precious information to try to recognize a scam and not suffer any bitter surprise.

Postepay under attack: how to recognize scams

Postepay (Photo from Facebook profile)

“Remember that Poste Italiane and PostePay they never ask for card details, the Pin and other security information or personal codes by telephone or by email, SMS, and messages on social networks “, reads the recommendation. It’s still: “We therefore invite you to be wary of any messages and friend requests from users who claim to belong to our customer service “.

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After all, this is exactly how scams are consumed, with a call or message or a link to one fake interface of Poste Italiane in which you are asked to update the data (or any other excuse) by inserting the secret pin code among the various ones. At that point, adding it unaware of everything, it would be too late.

Postepay, the message sent to customers


Postepay message arrives customers terrible scenario

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