Lazio-Juventus 0-2, two perfect penalties by Bonucci close the case for the bianconeri-

Lazio-Juventus 0-2, two perfect penalties by Bonucci close the case for the bianconeri-
Lazio-Juventus 0-2, two perfect penalties by Bonucci close the case for the bianconeri-
from Paolo Tomaselli

Allegri’s team dominates the field and converts two shots from the spot after the fouls on Morata and Chiesa

Two penalties to beat Sarri’s Lazio, climb the ranking up to fifth place and get back to the jungle of fourth post. Mission accomplished for Juventus who risk very little at the Olimpico and forces Lazio – hooked to fifth place – to first home defeat in the league after 343 days and 19 games. Sarri, very nervous about the decisions of the referee Di Bello, is cautioned in the final for protests, like Allegri too, for not having much to complain: for Szczesny zero saves and very few risks.

The first cross between Juve and the coach who brought them to the last Scudetto begins with the whistles of the Juventus fans in Sarri. Immobile, unavailable after the last instrumental examination of the calf carried out in the morning, instead he is moved under his curve, after having received the prize for 160 goals with the Lazio shirt. The absence of the center forward is felt, because Lazio stationed for a long time in the Juventus half in the first 45 ‘, but Juventus to sink the blow after a thrill for a back pass from Locatelli to Szczesny, on which they were about to pounce Pedro.

The episode that directs the game occurs at 18 ‘: Cataldi enters late on Morata and lands him in the area. Di Bello continues but as soon as the ball comes out, the referee is recalled by the Var and without further doubts concedes a penalty that had already seemed quite clear to the naked eye, due to the tripping of the Lazio director on Spanish. In any case, Sarri protested blatantly and will continue to do so even afterwards, repeatedly asking for a yellow card on some Juventus interventions. Bonucci achieves from eleven meters, bringing Juve forward and reviving more than a few regrets for Italy-Switzerland eight days earlier, for the penalty missed by Jorginho in the final. Lazio and Cataldi, who is his key man to dictate the pace, feel the pinch. The slow, predictable action. The best thing of the first half remains a cross from Lazzari in the center of the area, where there is no one.

There are many technical errors on both sides, but Juve – who lost after a quarter of an hour Danilo due to a groin injury, thus also changing form with the entry of Kulusevski and the retreat of Cuadrado – on the piece: Morata before the break kicks a ball high in a semi-reversal that can end the game. The first save must be made Reina at the beginning of the second half, deflecting a diagonal to Kulusevski’s near post. On the corner Bonucci kicks out slightly in the fray. Juve tries to break through on the right and offers some more glimpse to Lazio, whose danger always ends before entering the area. Sarri tries the Muriqi card (instead of Zaccagni) to give a bit of stage presence to the center of the attack. Allegri finds Kean, immediately closed by a crash from Acerbi, confirming that even with the changes Juve is more into the game than Lazio. Muriqi touches the good ball with his head on Milinkovic’s bank.

The Kosovar does not hold a ball even by mistake and so on from his mistake under pressure from De Ligt comes the rigor of the Bianconeri doubling: Chiesa launched by Kulusevski in the Lazio half overcomes Reina on the way out, the goalkeeper recovers and slips out the blue, while also touching the ball. Bonucci also realizes the second penalty, while Reina saves on Kean and avoids the 3-0. Juve thus engages Lazio in fifth place and remains 4 points behind Atalanta, which they will challenge next Saturday at the Stadium: returning to one point from the Champions League area at the end of November would mean a lot for Allegri. But on Tuesday there are Chelsea, for the first place in the Champions League. A step at a time.

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