GF Vip, Alex Belli: “I don’t want Delia here”

During the episode of Big Brother Vip 6 aired yesterday evening, Friday 19 November 2021, Alex Belli returned to talk about his relationship with his wife Delia, revealing that he no longer wanted to see his partner on the reality show. Because?

After the comparison in the studio with Adriana Volpe and the words spoken by the other commentator of the GF VIP 6, Sonia Bruganelli, Alex Belli made an important decision. The famous soap opera actor no longer wants to meet his wife during his journey in the famous reality show of Channel 5.

Alex Belli on Delia “I don’t want to see her”

“Delia joked, she doesn’t really want to come here. That’s why he doesn’t have to come. Let me make my way here, free and carefree. Our relationship is not in question. Point. She got scared and got confused. Leave me here, let me finish my journey. So we have others to do together. Do not come”.

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With these words Alex commented on the rumor that has been circulating for a few days that the actor would agree with his wife and would have staged interest in Soleil only and exclusively to draw attention to oneself and to let in too Delia in the most spied house in Italy, perhaps as a competitor; a suspicion that has also entered her head Soleil and the columnist Adriana Volpe.

After that too Sonia Bruganelli revealed to Alex of having lost a lot of support since talking about the love triangle with Sun, Belli decided to put an end to this matter by making a heartfelt appeal to his wife: just appear on broadcasts and talk about their marriage, just placed GF VIP.

Stop the triangle with Soleil?


“I don’t want it, I don’t want to see it here. I don’t want to further expose my love and my private life in here, is that clear? “

Continues Alex talking with Gianmaria Antinolfi. That the actor has lost consents it is a fact since the televoting turned out to be the last with the 5% and, if there had been the elimination, the 38-year-old model would already be out of the most spied house in Italy.

Alex does not convince and does not fully win the approval of the public and the story with Soleil it just made things worse for him, so if he decides to change course his liking could go up. This explains perhaps why Clear does not want more Delia to the reality show but wants to be free to live this experience by leaving his private life in private. Will he succeed?

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