He leaves the street at the roundabout in via Carducci, abandons the wrecked car and then runs away on foot – Photo

the car destroyed in the Via Carduccci accident

The accident occurred at 5.10 on Saturday 20 November in Bergamo.

He faced the roundabout of via Carducci

at insane speed coming from the long straight that from the former Auchan leads to Bergamo, when braking she lost control of the car that literally flew by in the parking lot outside the Expert shop, cutting down a tree and damaging a parked car.

When the agents of the Local Police arrived on the scene, together with a Red Cross ambulance, they found only the crumpled car with engine parts out of the hood, abandoned, but with no one on board.

The young man who was behind the wheel, a 22-year-old from Ecuador, an Italian citizen residing in Bergamo, escaped and was found shortly after in hospital by officers.

The boy he managed to get out of the passenger compartment of the crashed car by himself then he reached a friend on foot in via Carnovali. At that point he felt bad and his friend called 112. This time an ambulance from the White Cross arrived to help him and transported him to the emergency room. The 22-year-old, who underwent tests to see if he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, would still not have been seriously injured..

The roundabout in via Carducci has often been the scene of serious accidents, the last of which was on New Year’s Eve last year when the 26-year-old Vincenzo Caldura lost his life in the same spot and in a similar manner.


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