more than 2 million Italians cancel their holiday bookings

November 20, 2021 3:38 PM

According to the data, only 35.5% of people will leave anyway, but most will go to spend their holidays with family or friends

According to the research, the propensity of Italians to travel has been “blocked” by the so-called “freezer” effect. The news on the increase in Covid infections predictably affects a winter season that was to definitively close the crisis, and which instead promises to be still very uncertain.

And give – Others are added 8.5 million cases in which the interviewees declare that they have changed their holiday destination, choosing a closer one, or have reduced the days of vacation, which were already well below the corresponding figure for 2019 on average. 35,5% – more than 12 million – made up of those who, in any case, do not change their minds for any of the planned holiday periods, and declare that they will leave anyway. However, in half of the cases, it is holidays with family or friends, whose impact of spending on real tourist services is in any case reduced compared to the average.


You need rules – The President of Confturismo-Confcommercio, Luca Patanè, declares: “Uncertainty prevails, not fear, and for this clear and immediate indications are needed the competent authorities on any rules to be adopted to safely face the upcoming holidays; especially for the vaccinated people, the most inclined and ready to leave “.


million Italians cancel holiday bookings

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