The proscription lists of skip the line Scanzi

The proscription lists of skip the line Scanzi
The proscription lists of skip the line Scanzi

In the real country, the neo-fascists are zero point. In the head of Andrea Scanzi they are almost all crammed into the editorial offices of center-right newspapers. Even in ours. Oh yes, in all these years, we hadn’t noticed it. Now, thanks to the skip-the-line ban lists Everyday occurrence, we also have their first and last names. There are four of them. In his latest, sweaty literary effort, Sfascistoni. Right-hand resistance manual (Paper First), puts them all in black and white defining them as “budding fascistelli” and dedicating entire chapters to them.

But who are these neo fascists what military men would have occupied our editorial office? Since, like us, not even you readers of the have you ever tracked them down, here is super Scanzi running to our aid. These are two brands that collaborate with us and with InsideOver for some years now: Francesco Giubilei e Daniele Dell’Orco. Their fault? Having given birth in 2017 to Nazione Futura, “a real hub of fascist impulses”, writes the skip the line, “animated by budding fascists disguised as para-intellectuals”. The chapter (three thin pages like all the other pseudo-chapters that make up the booklet) is a copy and paste of the biographies of our two collaborators. It is not clear what is being accused of him. The two have been animating the cultural debate for years through the publications of their publishing houses: Historica, Giubilei Regnani and Idrovolante. Go and see the titles in the catalog and you will discover that we are not dealing with dangerous fascists. On the contrary. Yet the most courageous and indomitable Scanzi writes about them as follows: “If you want to understand what the air pulls, and will pull in the educated far right (always assuming that such a statement is not an oxymoron), read these two. Even if reading them will be neither easy nor fun”. The two will sue him shortly. Rightly.

But let’s move on. The third one with which Scanzi is angry is Alessandra Benignetti. All because last April 21, on the, the journalist dares to write an article against him following a very questionable appearance of the bishop of Marco Travaglio in Cartabianca (read here). It must have pissed him off so much that here he is dedicating a whole chapter to her from the title Come on (New) Benignetti!. Oh yes, because our journalist had been on the far right when she was in high school. We are talking about fifteen to twenty years ago. “A sort of Maglie in sharp minor – he describes it this way in the book – I would say that it has an assured future as a third-row leader of Fasciosalvinism”. He, who jumps through the ranks at equal footing, is in the first of the most violent grillismo.

The last name linked to our magazine is that of Chiara Giannini, guilty according to the censor Scanzi of having published with the “hyper-right” publishing house Altaforte “the mythological I am Matteo Salvini (…), a barely hagiographic book, written with an involuntarily comic-Dadaist style and – more importantly – a wonderful boomerang volume: there has been a lot of talk about it, it has sold little and after its release Salvini does not got more than half “. We don’t know how much it sold, nor do we care to know, but in terms of style … well, after reading Sfascistoni from top to bottom, we can assure you that Scanzi has very little to teach.

So let’s leave Scanzi to his ghosts in black shirts. The real country and our editorial team are something else.

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