“Alex Belli is ‘digging his own grave'” / “Soleil sows discord”

“Alex Belli is ‘digging his own grave'” / “Soleil sows discord”
“Alex Belli is ‘digging his own grave'” / “Soleil sows discord”

The Marquise of Aragon she intervened in audiovisual connection and as a guest during yesterday’s episode of “GF Vip Party”, broadcast on Mediaset Infinity and conducted by Giulia Salemi and Gaia Zorzi. The former competitor of Big Brother Vip 3 began by recalling how that edition of the reality in which he took part was “The most spectacular and quality of all time. There were people of great depth and quality. Everyone writes it to me, even the critics, while this year we are in the Stygian swamp … “.

Subsequently, the Marchesa reminded all viewers of the appointment in our columns: “Read ‘Adoringly with Style’ on ilsussidiario.net. It is my first psycho-socio-anthropological column and it is very innovative. In it I analyze, I go right into the folds of the human soul, seeing everything that happens in this world between reality and reality, between misery and nobility, in a totally new key, as next year I will turn 30 years of journalism “. About the current tenants of the House, he said: “I don’t know Gianmaria, Sophie and Manuel, I know all the others. I really appreciate Aldo Montano, with whom I shared a very interesting work experience under the management of Simona Ventura. She is a person of great depth, full of honor and respectability and has a wonderful and moving relationship with Manuel. I also love the latter, Francesca Cipriani and Giucas Casella “.


In the continuation of her speech to GF Vip Party, the Marquise of Aragon revealed that “I also loved Alex Belli: I know him well, he’s a wonderful person. However, at a certain point, a crazy variable changed him: perhaps someone will have told him that by making this boutade of such bad value, he would have achieved victory. Instead, it is rowing against the current. Triple cube horror with antennas and ringing bells, he’s digging his own grave. His agent also agrees with me and is worried. I don’t know why he’s doing this miserable pantomime of himself “.

In general, in the Belli-Delia-Soleil affair, “I denote great contradictions and there is no lack of the gigantic ego of the competitors. Delia has self-appointed panther, Soleil has self-appointed lioness. I have not seen neither lionesses nor panthers, I have only seen a great desire for Delia to enter the House as a competitor. However, she had come to confrontation with Soleil armed with a shield, helmet and spear, but after two minutes she said that Soleil is a beautiful woman … Things really of an intellectual squalor that my butler took away my greeting! Soleil sows discord, it is the desolation of all desolations, even worse than Monsè. Why is it vip? There is no reason. And, anyway, even Katia Ricciarelli has a gigantic ego “.



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