Waste, Magliano Romano opposes the landfill for the Capital- Corriere.it

Waste, Magliano Romano opposes the landfill for the Capital- Corriere.it
Waste, Magliano Romano opposes the landfill for the Capital- Corriere.it
from Erica Dellapasqua

The site authorized by the Region to accommodate 890 thousand cubic meters and the waste in its reservoir. Mayor Mancini: “It’s 600 meters from the houses”

While Rome hto still waste on the street, and the controversy over the bonuses to garbage collectors during the holidays is also flooding, new battle fronts are also opening up on the future landfill in the province, with the Municipality of Albano which has already asked the mayor Roberto Gualtieri to step back and that of Magliano Romano which promises to go to the Prosecutor’s Office, if the Region insists with the green light to the site.

The mayor and the other 1,500 inhabitants of this small town 35 kilometers from Rome did not expect it, the move of the waste management of the Region which precisely authorized a reservoir of 890 thousand cubic meters: “Do you think that the site is just 600 meters from the inhabited center – the young mayor Francesco Mancini, elected with the civic list” We are Magliano “has the combative tone – and so it is no coincidence that the ASL also gave a negative opinion “. An acceleration that the mayor deems “suspicious and incomprehensible, both with respect to previous assurances, and because we all know that the site owner has a contract with one of the Acea companies, which has just applied to help in the management of Roman waste, so I do not rule out going to the Public Prosecutor’s Office shortly to clarify every aspect ».

Above all, the mayor points out, in the favorable opinion of the Region there is a passage that directly links the Roman crisis to the opening of the landfill in Magliano: “There is a slowdown – admits the waste management – in the growth trend of waste sorting due to some factors, in particular the difficulties of Roma Capitale, which have not achieved the desired improvements and which are conditioning the achievement of regional objectives “. In the medium to long term, it was recalled, the waste plan provides that each province has its own landfill. In addition, the Region has authorized the expansion of the Viterbo site for Viterbo and Rieti, then there would be Roccasecca for Frosinone. The situation of Latina, the police station, remains to be defined. At this point Magliano should serve the municipalities of the metropolitan city. And the capital itself must identify a site within its borders. Furthermore, after the closure of the Civitavecchia landfill, the available spaces are scarce and in the Albano site, imposed by the former mayor Raggi, double the expected garbage is already arriving, 600 tons per day compared to the 300 in August: “This ordinance expires on February 2 – warns Pd Mayor Massimiliano Borelli -. We expect Gualtieri to put an end to it ». Today at 10.30 the residents of Albano will protest at the Bocca della Verità.

November 20, 2021 (change November 20, 2021 | 07:19)


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