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Iron care in pole position. Then soft mobility and ‘mobility as a service’ and new buses to strengthen surface connections. These are some of the priorities in the transport sector that the mayor Roberto Gualtieri announced during the presentation of the programmatic lines of his government for the next five years. “We are working to achieve that care of the iron that aims at the extension of the existing lines, the completion of the C, the construction of the D, the development of urban trains, tramways, but also the Grab, cycle paths and soft mobility” he said addressing the Capitoline assembly.

Iron care between maintenance and modernization

Maintenance and modernization: the keywords of the new administration in terms of transport. To do this it will be necessary to use an important sum: “We have committed 240 of the 425 million for the modernization of lines A and B which had been inactive for years and rescheduled the remaining 185, managed by Roma Metropolitane. The work carried out will allow the grounding of the resources by spring and the conclusion of the works will take place between 6 months and 5 years ”, explained the mayor. Currently 154 systems are found to be stopped between escalators and lifts, of these 40 already from 2020 due to the lack of testing by Ustif: “We therefore set up a table with Ansfisa, Ustif and Atac which guaranteed a regular programming of the 40 tests and those to come, the first 10 of which, including Repubblica and Policlinico, intervened in these ten days “.

In the meantime, the agreements on the Magliana cableway and the Termini-Giardinetti, Tor Vergata, Togliatti and Tiburtina tram lines have been unlocked with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility: they will all be implemented by the Jubilee, promised Gualtieri.

Vehicle fleet renewal and purchase of 100 buses

Renewal of the vehicle fleet, tariff concessions for peripheral services of a local nature and coordination at the metropolitan level with railway and Cotral services. This is the mayor’s recipe for enhancing surface transport. Gualtieri underlined: “For the Atac network, the use and purchase of about 100 buses were released with two resolutions of the council. For 29 there was no concession of the right of usufruct, which we released with the first resolution of the council, and for 70 the money for the payment of the last installment of 40 million had not been found ”.

And while waiting for the resumption of tram 2 for 18 December, Gualtieri anticipated: “The complete and overall design of the armament has been re-internalized to the Mobility department for 25 million euros plus another 36 obtained by Mims, and the second lot has been released. of the next interventions on trams 8, 3 and 14 for a value of 3.2 million “. The mayor expressed himself on the importance of quickly approving the Pums and accessing useful funding, despite the fact that there are improvements to be made for the mayor. Gualtieri also aims to create an integrated platform that gives substance to “mobility as a service” so as to allow various actions in real time.


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