Comune Milano aims at another 200 reception places – Libero Quotidiano

Comune Milano aims at another 200 reception places – Libero Quotidiano
Comune Milano aims at another 200 reception places – Libero Quotidiano

Milan, 20 Nov. (Adnkronos) – The Municipality of Milan is ready to expand the widespread reception network for refugees with international protection and to meet the need for integration of Afghan refugees who arrived in Italy after the return to power of the Taliban. With a resolution approved by the junta, the administration has joined the procedure for expanding places in the reception and integration system, the Sai, launched by the Ministry of the Interior on 12 October last. If the process is successful, the Municipality will be able to strengthen the second-level widespread reception network with 200 more places that will be added to the 757 places currently financed: 400 for unaccompanied foreign minors, 342 for the ‘ordinary’ category ‘and 15 dedicated specifically to those suffering from mental or health problems.

There are approximately 160 Afghan citizens currently present in the metropolitan area, guests of first reception facilities of the Municipality of Milan or having agreements with the Prefecture. All have already carried out the interview with the territorial Commission for the recognition of refugee status in Milan with a positive outcome and are withdrawing their residence permits. After obtaining refugee status, they will have to be placed in second reception facilities to continue their path of socio-economic inclusion which includes, among other things, the attendance of Italian courses, the scholastic integration of minors, initiation to training and work.

The places made available will be used to continue this path and, moreover, to meet the growing requests for the reception of refugees of other nationalities. “Milan – comments the municipal councilor for Welfare and Health, Lamberto Bertolè – has a great tradition of solidarity, a characteristic of which the Milanese are proud and which has made it the open and attractive city it is today. We want to continue on this path – starting with the guarantee of concrete help to Afghan citizens fleeing their country and currently hosted in the emergency hospitality centers – going to strengthen the second level reception network, the one destined, in particularly, to those who choose to stay in our country. The goal is to provide these women and men with the tools for real and concrete inclusion and the possibility of becoming aware citizens capable of contributing to the development of the country and the city that welcomed them “.


Comune Milano aims reception places Libero Quotidiano

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