Gualtieri’s Rome, the programmatic lines presented in the Campidoglio

First the waste, then the holes. And again transport, social and infrastructure. Eight hours of council, 41 amendments by the opposition and, finally, the approval of the programmatic lines of Roberto Gualtieri: the starting point for the government of Rome in the next five years of center-left administration.

“Thanks to all the city councilors for the constructive debate on the programmatic lines and for the positive climate. This vote, for which I thank the majority and the groups that abstained, is an important step to face together the challenge of relaunching Rome ”. Thus ended, with the words of Roberto Gualtieri, the nine-hour ‘marathon’ in the Julius Caesar classroom on Friday. The session opened at the first appeal with 45 councilors present, while 41 amendments were presented to the programmatic document, of which 8 by the League, 9 by Udc-Fi and 22 by the Mayor Calenda List. The programmatic lines were approved in the evening with 30 votes in favor, 7 against and 9 abstentions.

Gualtieri’s priorities: waste, potholes and transport

The areas on which priority will be given: “The lack of facilities and the poverty of collection, the infrastructure gap, the growing territorial gaps, insufficient employment rates in particular for women and young people, an inadequate governance structure. I could go on for a long time but it is not necessary, ”said the mayor. Problems that, concluded Gualtieri, “we will always be open to the participation of the Roman women to face and resolve”.

“From Monday full recovery of the harvest”

After the waste, “The second priority we immediately got to work on is road maintenance. In recent days, a plan to rehabilitate the holes has been launched using 2 million euros made available by the Executive with the latest budget change “. Furthermore: “To increase immediate interventions we have also approved the Municipality-Anas agreement to use 5 million euros by December”.

Contrast to undeclared work also thanks to the comparison with associative realities

“The fight against illegal work and precariousness and the commitment to safety are a qualifying point for us. Councilor Pratelli is already at work to participate in a table on safety at work in the more general context of our initiative for a Pact on quality work and sustainable development, a qualifying point of our program on which we will start a discussion with the associative forces of work and business to support companies in creating quality work, wage equality between men and women and to guarantee the quality of work in Rome, also by establishing a Labor Quality Label in Rome “.

Furthermore: “I have indicated to the Government the candidacy of Roma Capitale as the seat of the European Anti-Money Laundering Agency”. This was said by the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, illustrating the resolution on the programmatic lines of his administration in the Capitoline Assembly.

40 thousand euros per town hall to accommodate homeless people

Attention to the last ones by Roberto Gualtieri who during the assembly for the presentation of the programmatic lines said: “Additional resources, about 40 thousand euros each, were transferred to the Municipalities for reception places and to increase the places intended for the reception of homeless. A survey of the spaces available in the municipal area is underway “.

Iron maintenance and 100 new buses in Gualtieri’s transport plan

“With two resolutions of the council, the use and purchase of about 100 buses for Atac were released: for 29 there was no concession of the usufruct right, which we unlocked with the first resolution of the council, and for 70 they were not found the money for the payment of the last installment of 40 million ”, Gualtieri anticipated.

“Gualtieri takes stock of transport”

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