finally the Rules change. Updates from the DRAGHI GOVERNMENT »

finally the Rules change. Updates from the DRAGHI GOVERNMENT »
finally the Rules change. Updates from the DRAGHI GOVERNMENT »

GREEN PASS and SWABS: finally the Rules change. DRAGHI GOVERNMENT Updates

Changes regarding the Green Pass and Quick Buffers are hypothesizedThe epidemiological curve of new coronavirus infection positives in Italy gradually continues to rise and this is increasing the fear that the situation could worsen further in the coming weeks, especially in view of the holiday season.

For this reason the governo, which met a few days ago at Palazzo Chigi, took into account the possible changes related to the current rules regarding, particularly, Green Pass e tamponi.
From the latest news, as also reported by the newspaper Courier service, it seems that the government is oriented to continue to push the vaccination campaign and to keep the Green Pass as it is until the end of November, while from December there may be some changes.

First of all, from 1 December it will begin with the third call for 40 and 50 year olds, oltre a over 60, doctors and health personnel, guests and workers of the RSA and fragile subjects. As regards the expansion to all age groups, it will be necessary to wait for the beginning of 2022.

major changes will cover the Green Pass which, according to rumors, could have a shorter duration. If today the green certificate is valid for 12 months from the last inoculation, this could likely be reduced to at least 9 months.
Another variation could involve quick swabs. Experts are skeptical of their reliability and for this reason they would like to exclude it as a tool to obtain the green certificate. This change, however, will be reviewed and discussed carefully as many Italian citizens who decide not to get vaccinated use this very quick diagnostic tool to get to work.

It will remain valid, instead, the system of division by color bands. Italy is now all blank, but the prospects for the next few days and, above all, for the period of Christmas, they are not rosy. Some regions, in fact, are likely to go yellow and within them they could therefore the use of a mask must be made even outdoors and the maximum of 4 people seated at the restaurant table.


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