“Third dose already after 5 months”, the numbers lead to fear of the worst – Libero Quotidiano

“Third dose already after 5 months”, the numbers lead to fear of the worst – Libero Quotidiano
“Third dose already after 5 months”, the numbers lead to fear of the worst – Libero Quotidiano

There is an inevitable escalation of infections from Covid. He confirms it Silvio Brusaferro, number one of the Higher Institute of Health. And so the government could think about the vaccination obligation. Not for everyone though. “The vaccination obligation for some categories most exposed to the virus, ‘like teachers, public administration employees and law enforcement agencies, despite being categories characterized by a high percentage of vaccination’ “, speculates Franco Locatelli, coordinator of the technical-scientific committee.

Also on the table of the executive-Draghi “the reduction of the interval to 5 months between the end of the primary vaccination course and the booster dose “. The situation is no better in other countries. Austria, for example, has introduced mandatory vaccination by leading the way.” It is the only thing that can put us safe – said the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi, in the hope that Italy can follow suit -. We must have the courage to reflect. “And yet, as he explains The Corriere della Sera, the obstacles would not be few. An imposition of this kind would need a law of Parliament which would leverage the pre-eminence of the collective interest over that of individual self-determination.

Sanctions are another problem. It could, in fact, trigger the termination of the employment relationship. It goes without saying that politics is divided in this regard. The center-right has no intention of forcing Italians to get vaccinated. He said it outright weeks ago Giorgia Meloni: “I am not in favor of compulsory vaccination, especially anti-covid vaccines, and I am not no vax. Anti-covid vaccines have conditional authorization, because some stages of the design are missing.” To echo the leader of Fratelli d’Italia, the number one in the League: Matteo Salvini. The vaccination obligation – was his reasoning – “for everyone does not exist, indeed, exists in Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, unless someone wants to follow these models, we continue with the explanation and education “and” the obligation for all was not present in any government agreement. “In short, there are barricades.

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