Inzaghi’s lecture, the latest on the penalty taker

Inzaghi’s lecture, the latest on the penalty taker
Inzaghi’s lecture, the latest on the penalty taker

Inter: Simone Inzaghi’s conference

We have made an excellent path, the team is protagonist both in the league and in the Champions League. We have played more away and it is not to be underestimated. Milan and Napoli are taking an important step, it’s a very important match. The matches with Milan, Atalanta and Juventus went well in terms of performance, we deserved more. Despite the big losses, the club has done a great job, we are competitive on everything and I can only be happy about this. “

On turnover

“There were these 15 special days, I could have talked about them better before Milan. We lost De Vrij and Sanchez, we had some problems with Dzeko and Bastoni, there are still no training sessions today and tomorrow. My focus is on Napoli at the moment, we have some defections, let’s try to understand which formation could be the best “.

On Naples

“They have great players, the club has been good at keeping them in the team. Spalletti is doing very well, he is continuing the good work done by Gattuso in the previous year and a half. Only one result? It is a very important match, complicated, not decisive. “.

On the penalty taker

“Lautaro, Calhanoglu and Perisic is our grid of the penalty takers. In training Lautaro always pulls them very well, Calhanoglu felt it with Milan. Between today and tomorrow we will probably talk about it, with Milan Tatarusanu was also very good. The forwards spend these moments, Lautaro is generous, he is 100% inside the project, he is working very well. He has had several opportunities, if he even creates them on his own, he doesn’t have to worry, he has to keep working like this. He has always scored goals and he will return to score them “.

Su Calhanoglu

“Calhanoglu has had a good season so far, he is a quality player and amount. With Juve and Milan he played great matches. This year he plays a little further back in our form, he has been dangerous so far, he has already provided assists and goals, we are happy to have him with us. “

On the renewal of Brozovic

“Brozovic is a great player and has been at inter for many years, he is doing well this season as well. Marotta, Ausilio and Baccin deal with these things, they know my thoughts well.”

About Ranocchia

“With De Vrij’s problem, if things do not change, Ranocchia will play, he has been at Inter for many years. He will play a great match.”

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