a hematoma was treated with the ointment

a hematoma was treated with the ointment
a hematoma was treated with the ointment

It is too early to tell if the death of Michele Merlo, the young singer who tragically passed away on 6 June at the Maggiore hospital due to a cerebral ischemia due to fulminant leukemia, could have been avoided. Those who wait to find out the truth are the parents, who in several locations have tried to bring to light any errors or underestimations on the care for their 28-year-old son. After five months of investigations, the Prosecutor’s Office of Bologna did not find any responsibility on the part of the Emilian doctors (the first access was to the emergency room in Vergato). In Bologna, according to the experts, nothing could be done to save him. The investigation, however, moves to Veneto, where instead perhaps something could have been noticed earlier.

Michele Merlo “suffered from anxiety and panic attacks due to the no to Amici, Sanremo and X Factor”

Michele Merlo and treatments in Veneto

In May the boy showed up in Rosà (Vicenza), his country of origin, and in Citadel (Padua). In both cases, no one understood that the patient’s condition was already serious. For this reason, the Bolognese magistrates have now sent the documents of the investigation, a dossier for manslaughter, against unknown persons, to the Prosecutor’s Office of Vicenza. That will have to restart the investigation. In particular Michele introduced himself to Citadel emergency room with pains and a hematoma in the leg. Nobody visited him after three hours, so he left the emergency room pissed off. He was then seen by the family’s associate doctor’s office, where the hematoma was rubbed with an ointment. According to the report, if Michele Merlo had undergone blood tests by June 27, the signs of acute hemopathy would have emerged. And maybe things would have turned out differently.

Farewell to MIchele Merlo

A case that had shaken everyone that of Michele, even in the entertainment world, where the artist had just presented himself by participating in the two most viewed talents on TV, “XFactor” and “Amici” by Maria De Filippi. “Hi Michele. Last night I sang loudly for you .. This morning my heart broke into a thousand pieces. ” Emma Marrone had written the day after her show at the Verona Arena, dedicating the show to the young colleague she had met at ‘Amicì in 2017. The artist’s agony, which lasted four days, from the moment he entered the Maggiore di Bologna had held many fans in suspense, waiting for some comforting news to arrive from the boy’s parents.

The lawyer: “The hematoma could not have been due to a blow”

The lawyer of the Merlo family, Marco Dal Ben, expressed his opinion on this last legal development. «Michele – explains the lawyer – presented a diffuse hematoma on the leg that was certainly not attributable to a blow, given the size. Now we will wait to understand what to do. Parents are not looking for culprits. They just want the truth about what happened. ” The one that had struck Michele Merlo, acute promyelocytic leukemia, is a subtype of leukemia, it represents the most aggressive form; it is also called fulminant, due to the speed with which it can be fatal. If not diagnosed in time it can cause a patient to die in a few days due to bleeding, but if diagnosed early, according to experts, it can be treatable.

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