the investigation moves to Veneto-

the investigation moves to Veneto-
the investigation moves to Veneto-

The diagnosis of pharyngitis, the convulsions at his girlfriend’s home, the hospitalization: could the former competitor of X Factor and Friends be saved? The dad: On his grave they leave cards and gifts. But that’s not enough for me: I want the truth

Domenico, the pope of Michele Merlo
, shakes his head. On his grave, fans leave cards, even gifts. All this helps us to endure pain, for heaven’s sake. But that’s not enough: we need the truth.

The parents of Mike Bird, stage name of the former contestant of X Factor e Friends, await answers from the evening of June 6, when the singer-songwriter died at the Maggiore hospital in Bologna due to a cerebral hemorrhage caused by fulminant leukemia. The Public Prosecutor of Bologna has opened an investigation for manslaughter, ordered an autopsy and instructed two experts – Professor Antonio Cuneo and Doctor Matteo Tudini – to determine if there could be any responsibility.

The doubts had been reported by the family, because the 28-year-old had been ill for days and on 2 June he presented himself at the Vergato hospital (in the Bolognese area) but was sent home with the diagnosis of pharyngitis and the prescription of an antibiotic. The following evening at his girlfriend’s house the convulsions began. The arrival of the ambulance and the hospitalization had not been enough to save him.

Now the Public Prosecutor of Bologna is about to transfer the investigation – still without suspects – to the magistrates of Vicenza. And this, precisely because of the conclusions of the experts: when Merlo showed up in Vergato, even if the doctors had guessed the signs of leukemia, it was already too late for him. He could not be saved, and therefore the death was not attributable to the Bolognese doctors.

The suspects move elsewhere. On 26 May Michele was already ill – says his father – and he went to the emergency room in Cittadella with pains and a strange hematoma in his leg. But three hours after the triage, she was still on hold. So, annoyed, he left. From home, he sent an email to the family doctor’s office in Ros (in the province of Vicenza, where the young man lived), attaching a photo of the hematoma. But from the associated studio they called him back and scolded him for sending the image. Then my son showed up in person and was received by someone, almost certainly not his doctor, who she just massaged his leg with an ointment.

the investigations will be concentrated in Ros and Cittadella. Because the report is clear: if by June 27 Merlo had undergone blood tests, the signs of acute haemopathy would have emerged which would have involved hospitalization and the initiation of adequate therapy. Had it been so, the experts conclude, the odds of survival would have been between 79 and 87 percent. The hope – says the family’s lawyer, Marco Dal Ben – that now we can quickly identify those responsible. Pap Domenico spreads his arms: I am disappointed, I begin to lose faith in justice. I hope that the prosecutors of Bologna will investigate the behavior of two doctors anyway: that of Vergato who did not want to visit him and that of the 118 who intervened at the home of Michele’s girlfriend. I was on the phone with her, I could hear him ask her how much drug they had taken. It seemed out of control. And he lost precious minutes.

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